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Welcome to the information pages of the affiliate program of goldenpalace.be. With over 40 gaming halls in Belgium and more than 50 years of experience, Golden Palace is a well established and known brand in Belgium.

Also of note: the online product of goldenpalace.be is rapidly growing. This should not come to you as a surprise, because goldenpalace.be offers their online visitors a complete package: casino games, dice games, live casino and sports betting.

With a no deposit registration bonus of €5, everyone can experience our website for free. Our first deposit bonus of up to €250, regular promotions and our wide selection of exciting casino games are just a few good reasons why players like goldenpalace.be so much.

If you want to help us advertise our brand and claim a share of your player’s revenue, you came to the right place. More specific information on our deals can be requested via affiliates@goldenpalace.be.

Commission plan

We work with competitive and lucrative revenue share deals. For more information, please send an email to affiliates@goldenpalace.be and include the name of the website you want to advertise goldenpalace.be on.


We are always coming up with exciting promotions and new games. In this subsection you can find the latest news about our games, promotions or other articles that could be of interest.

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What’s going on at goldenpalace.be for:

Banners and logos

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. Thanks to these banners, your players will immediately get an idea of the look and feel of goldenpalace.be. They also advertise our €5 no deposit bonus and other promotions we are currently running.

Important: make sure your banners link to the correct page and have the correct referral code. If you are unsure about your personal referral code or how to correctly use it, please contact us via affiliates@goldenpalace.be.

If you should need banners in a different size or format, please request them by mailing to  affiliates@goldenpalace.be.

Our banners

Our banners are very easy to upload, as they are hosted on our own servers. Just insert the URL – in your preferred language – on your personal website, for the visual to be shown. Please make sure you also add your affiliate link, displayed below the URL. Replace the “#” after promo by your personal affiliate code in order to properly refer your players.

Our logos

Right-click + "Save as" on the logo to download it (.png):

Don't hesitate to contact us for other versions and sizes!

Login affiliate platform

To log in and follow-up on your revenue, please visit our affiliate platform:

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Not an affiliate yet?

We review every subscription case by case. Please send a mail to affiliates@goldenpalace.be to become an affiliate and include the name of the website you want to advertise goldenpalace.be on.