How technology is helping landbased casinos to crack-down on cheaters

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Some technology doesn’t apply to online gaming specifically, but is still interesting for us to follow. Round the world there is a growing trend of using cutting-edge technology to aid the experience of players in land-based casinos and gaming halls, which we will discuss today.

Don’t worry, we are not planning any such extreme measures in our own Golden Palace Gaming Halls, but visitors to New Zealand’s SkyCity casino will soon be scanned by new facial recognition systems. This allows the management to spot and deal with players who are banned from games of chance (be it through their behavior or voluntarily) quickly.

We will stick to a regular ID check for such matters, but this kind of development still interests us and makes us wonder what kind of technical revolutions Gaming Halls will go through in the coming years.

Of course, technology in casinos can be used for ill just as much as for good – scammers and cheaters have always sought to use any means possible to aid their games.

The latest development in that saga has seen several US casinos taking steps to ban players wearing the Google Glass smart glasses. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement issued a directive recently, ordering all the state’s casinos and bars to ban patrons who appeared to be wearing the device. The ban comes as many experts have begun developing applications for the device, which could, in addition to more noble goals, aid in cheating or player monitoring.

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