Online Gaming can reduce the levels of your stress

For many years now, scientists have been debating the relative merits of online gaming on the participant’s health. In contrast to the classic image of poker tables surrounded by nervous-looking players, a new study released this month seems to indicate that gambling may actually be good for your stress levels.

A recent study from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec in Canada has stated that in actual fact - online gaming may actually be good for people’s health in terms of stress stabilization. This study confirmed that after playing some online games, which included online casino games, individuals were less stressed. In fact, cortisol levels, the hormone responsible for raising the stress level, fell by 17 percent on average. For a number of behavioural scientists, this is strong proof that there is a correlation between online gaming and reducing stress levels.

Another research study focused on online casino players playing Blackjack. Within this study, it was found that 74 percent of all players in the study felt that online casino games were a great way to have an enjoyable time as well as reduce stress.

So – to solve a bad day at work, the answer is to take a few minutes out of your time to play a few casino games online at