The Belgian Gaming Commission and Licensing

In this article we want to discuss the importance of online gaming licences and the legality and legitimacy of the gaming industry, so our players get a sense of security and reassurance when they play here at

When a company obtains a licence in order to conduct further business, there are several factors to consider in order for an application to be successful.


The three main elements that are considered are firstly the finances, which involve the resources available to carry out 

the licensed activities. Secondly there is the competence of the business, which would relate to the experience, expertise and history of the applicant.

The third and most important is the criminality record. A clean record is fundamental for the success of the application and obtaining the licence. passed all criteria and were one of the first Belgian gaming sites to appear on the Belgian Gaming Commission’s white list.

When playing at a licensed site such as, you can always be sure that you are in the right place and in safe hands, with sufficient liquidity and multiple licences held, we can ensure that you will have a fun experience. There have been cases where online gaming websites have gone bankrupt resulting in their customers losing their money.

We are proud owners of a definitive B+ and F1 licences for commercialisation of online gaming from the Gaming Commission. These licences cover our online Casino games, online poker and Sports betting. All of our games are followed by the Gaming Commission to guarantee the security and gaming pleasure of the player and the fairness of the games offered.

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