Tips for Winning Online Poker

Always think about WHY you raise

Poker Tips Texas HoldemIt’s pretty much common knowledge by now that in a poker tournament, you should often raise before the flop. It has even come as far that just calling preflop (limping), is seen as a very weak move. If you want to enter the pot first, you SHOULD be raising. What is however largely ignored lately is WHY you are raising. You should raise pre-flop for any (or multiple) of the following reasons:

  • You have a strong holding and would like to increase the size of the pot
  • You want to decrease the amount of opponents, so that it’s easier to determine the hand range(s) of your opponent(s) after the flop.
  • You want your opponents to give up their equity to the pot (or maybe even their blinds) even though they might have a stronger hand than you.
  • You are building your image at the table.
  • Balancing. If you only raise your monster hands, you will quickly stop getting value from them.

Don’t continuation bet 100% of the time

A continuation bet is a bet on the flop made by someone who had already raised before the flop, literally continuing the aggression. You make the bet whether you have improved your hand or not. Possible reasons for making a continuation bet: 

  • Protection against hands that might outdraw you.
  • It makes you unpredictable and you don’t give away any information. Good hand? You continuation bet. Bad hand? You continuation bet.
  • If you have the worst hand, your opponents might fold under the pressure anyway.
  • You don’t want to give your opponent the initiative and keep guessing for the rest of the hand. 

However, you should not make a continuation bet all the time. If a flop hits your opponent’s range very hard, making a continuation bet will be like throwing away money. Another reason to not make a continuation bet is when it’s hard to get 3 streets of value, but you are still comfortable with calling any possible bets your opponent may make.
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