Our new game 'Ramses Dice'

Here at goldenpalace.be we constantly strive to bring our users more fun and thrills by providing innovative new dice games. We are proud to announce the launch of our action packed Egyptian dice game called Ramses Dice, which we believe will quickly take its place among our most popular online dice games.

This game has been crafted around the theme of ancient Egypt. – “Senet”, one of the oldest board games to exist, is also of Egyptian origin and dates back as far as 3500 BC. Senet was one of the most popular games in Egypt and shows many characteristics of a dice game, so we’re realling going back to the roots of the genre. Seeing as these are some of the oldest games known to man - and are still enjoyed today online and offline - we want to provide heritage with modernism in Ramses Dice.

The Game

Ramses DiceGetting started is simple enough, as Ramses Dice is very user friendly. You just click on the stake you want to play, decide how much you want to bet on and then hit the start button. The way you win is relatively simple; there are nine lines which you can win on within the game. A winning line is a line which consists of at least three successive and matching symbols which start from left to right.

You can even win with special symbols that are scattered across the board, which will initiate the bonus game with extra high payouts. So there are multiple ways to win at Ramses Dice.

The Winnings

The amount you can win back from the game is significantly impressive. You have the opportunity to win 250 times your stake with the highest winning combination of five Ramses symbols, but it doesn’t stop there: you can have multiple winning lines and they pay out extra during the Golden Ramses Bonus Game. The Golden Ramses Bonus Game is worth playing because every winning line pays out at least three times as much and Ramses symbols function as jokers, making it easier to score a winning line.

We have also given you the option to have even faster game play when you select auto play. The computer will play for you by selecting how long you want it to play for. Do you want to try Ramses Dice for yourself? Click here to get started!

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