Bet builder: create smarter multi bets

Multi bets are the way to go if you want to make the most by betting on your favourite sports events. Did you know that we also offer the option to bet on several different markets within a single event? That’s what our bet builder feature does. Here you can read all about how to take advantage of this feature. Unlock the full potential of betting at now!

Build your own bets

In regular multi bets, it’s all up to you to choose the outcomes that you estimate as most likely given the odds in your quest for the biggest win. Did you spot some interesting odds across different events or even sports? Add a ‘1X2’ bet on one sports event (let’s say a football match) to a ‘Total Points: Over/Under’ bet on another sports event (maybe a basketball match) and throw in a third ‘Correct Score’ bet on yet another sports event (a tennis match, for example). It’s all within reach.

But what if you see tasty odds on these markets within a single event? Thanks to our bet builder feature, you can create such a bet yourself! Almost anything goes with bet builder. There’s one limitation: selections can’t contradict each other. For example, you can’t bet on both teams to win the same football match in the same bet. Other than that, you can combine any market on the same sports event. This opens up the single event to the multi bet level: take advantage to win now!