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BLAST Premier Fall Groups: laptops to win!

Attention, Counter-Strike fans! With the BLAST Premier Fall Groups event, one of the hottest Counter-Strike tournaments of the summer kicks off on August 19. In our continuing efforts to promote esports together with Kayzr, we have an awesome promotion for you: bet on this event to win laptops! Excited to follow your favourite esports events on a new laptop? Discover it now!

€1,500 worth of laptops to win!

Thanks to our partnership with Kayzr, we’re right at the source of the fascinating world of top-notch esports entertainment! To prove how serious we are about esports, we’re organizing a contest in which we have 3 laptops for a total prize pool of €1,500 to win. Participation is easy: place a bet of at least €5 on any of the events in the BLAST Premier Fall Groups. We will check who had the highest multiplier after the event, and the 3 best results will receive a laptop worth €500. Go for it now!

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Terms and condition: BLAST Premier Fall Groups promo

1. To participate in this promotion, players must be over the age of 18 at the time of this promotion.

1.1. To participate in the "BLAST Premier Fall groups tournament" on, players must have or create a player account on the website and have activated the B+ or F+ license.

2. The event starts on Friday August 19, 2022 and ends on Sunday, August 28, 2022. Participants can bet on the event as soon as the odds become available at

3. Central European Time (CET) is used to determine the start and end of each promotion period.

4. The Tournament consists of obtaining the highest winning multiplier over the duration of the E-Sport: BLAST Premier Fall Groups from August 19 to August 29, 2022 in order to win one of the prizes offered in this tournament (see point 7). For each winning ticket the player receives points corresponding to the odds (multiplier) multiplied by 100. The final ranking is based on the points earned by each customer (with the best multiplier ticket) during the tournament. The top 3 overall winners at the end of the Tournament will receive a prize corresponding to a Laptop.

5. All winning bets made only on the BLAST Premier Fall Groups in "SINGLE" or "Multiple" (Live or Pre-Live), with a minimum base bet of €5 will be considered for the calculation of points.

Multiple bets that include a match other than a match on the BLAST Premier Fall Groups will not be considered.

Cashouts and system bets will not be considered for the calculation of points.

6.  Calculation of points: 

During the duration of the tournament (between August 19 and August 28), points will be awarded for all winning tickets made by customers. At the end of the tournament, the ticket with the best odds will be taken into consideration for the final ranking.


Customer (x) is playing on the match (y) against (z), he is playing on (y) winning at odds of 2.5. If y wins the match, the customer will be awarded 250 points (the odds of 2.5 multiplied by 100). The same customer plays another ticket on the match '(a) against (b), he plays on the victory of (a) at an odds of 4.5, if 'a) wins the match, the customer will be awarded 450 points (the odds of 4.5 multiplied by 100)

For the final ranking the player will be awarded 450 points corresponding to the ticket with the highest multiplier (the highest odds)

7. Prizes for the 3 players with the most points throughout the tournament. (the highest multiplier)

- The top 3 players will be awarded a Laptop. 

7.1 If 2 or more players have the same number of points at the end of the Tournament, the tie will be broken as follows: 

  • The number of tickets played in the tournament
  • If there is still a tie, the total amount played in the BLAST Premier Fall Groups Tournament will be used to break the tie

7.2 Prizes won in the BLAST Premier Fall Groups Tournament cannot be exchanged for cash.

8. By participating in this promotion, players agree to the terms and conditions. 

9. In the event of a conflict between the different languages of this document, the French version is the one that is considered correct.

10. Belgian law is applicable. The courts of Brussels have exclusive jurisdiction.

11. Golden Palace reserves the right to change any part of this promotion or this promotion as a whole at its sole discretion.