Terms and conditions for BONUSES
at goldenpalace.be

Bonuses are offered by goldenpalace.be to promote the site, part of the site or an event linked to the site. Bonuses are not affected by cash-out requests. Certain bonuses can be turned into real money through players’ activity on the site, in accordance with the rules issued for the promotion. 

To take advantage of a bonus, players must:

  • Hold a valid, finalized goldenpalace.be account
  • Not be a “bonus abuser” (see Misuse)
  • Accept the goldenpalace.be terms and conditions and the rules of the bonuses in question
  • Ensure ALL their personal information is correct. Players who provide false or incomplete information will have their accounts blocked and their bonuses cancelled.

Each action or promotion includes one or a number of different types of bonus. The rules for these bonuses are available on the goldenpalace.be website. Concerning bonuses that can be turned into real money through player’s activity on the site, it will only be possible to cash out the part of the bonus that has already been cleared according with the rules issued for that bonuses (points bonuses). When it concerns a bonus which does not need to be cleared before it can be used is issued to a player’s account, cashing out all of the money from an account will result in the user immediately relinquishing any bonuses and other promotions present in the account.

Bonuses will be played after the money deposited by the user in his/her player account. Goldenpalace.be reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of a given bonus and to withdraw any bonus, promotion or special offer at any moment, without justification.

Bonus codes are only valid for one deposit.


Social Media Bonus Rules

On our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/goldenpalacebelgium,  goldenpalace.be organizes small contests for our followers. With these contests you can win a small amount of money which will be placed as a bonus in the account of the winner.

In order to be able to take advantage of the bonus the following rules apply:

  • All participants must be registered on goldenpalace.be
  • All bonuses cannot be cashed out

Keep in mind that all contests are placed in English, French and Dutch on our Facebook page. If the winners share €25  prize money, it will be divided between the winners of the three posts. Depending on your Facebook settings, you might not be able to see the posts who are not in your preferred languages. We post them specifically in one of the three languages to prevent that every follower gets three messages.

Misuse of bonuses

Goldenpalace.be reserves the right to refuse all cash-outs and/or to void all winnings if it deems that the player has engaged in any practices contrary to the rules. “Irregular play and misuse of bonuses” includes:

  • When a player cashes out the money he/she deposited to obtain a bonus in order to play only with the bonus credits offered by goldenpalace.be.
  • When a player deposits with the sole intention of claiming a bonus without the intention of playing. Each bonus amount needs to be wagered according to the promotion terms and conditions. If no mention is made in the promotional terms and conditions, the bonus amount needs to be played a minimum of 20 times the bonus amount on casino or a minimum of 10 times at odds of 1.70 or higher for sports betting players.
  • When a player repeatedly uses the promotions offered by goldenpalace.be in an abusive manner (including but not limited to our partner’s promotions) by only depositing a minimal sum in order to play with the bonuses.
  • Betting with the sole purpose of clearing a bonus with limited risk by betting across multiple sites.

This list is non-exhaustive.

Once goldenpalace.be has declared that a user is a “bonus abuser”, this user will no longer be able to take advantage of any promotional bonuses.

Have fun at goldenpalace.be

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