• €5 free
  • €40 risk free bet (insurance bet)
  • Accumulator bonus

€5 free

Every new player at goldenpalace.be receives €5 free. This free welcome bonus can be used to test out sports betting or one of our great casino games for free. 

Belgian players will receive this bonus automatically through a free text message after entering their Belgian national ID number. Some other regions are also eligible for this welcome bonus however and can obtain their welcome bonus by sending a copy (photo, scan…) of the front and back of their ID card to support@goldenpalace.be.

€40 risk free bet (insurance bet)

By clicking on ‘+ Add a bonus code’ and entering the bonus code GPSPORTS before making your first deposit you will receive an insurance bet of up to €40. This means that if your first bet with odds of over 1.70 loses, it will be paid back completely within 24 hours!

This bonus cannot be combined with the first deposit bonus for casino and poker, so make sure to choose carefully! Check out our first deposit bonus page for more info about both bonuses.

Accumulator bonus

Multiple Bet bonus

When placing multiple bets, odds are multiplied rather than added up, which is a great way to increase your winnings. Placing two bets with odds of 3 and a wager of €5 would earn you 3 x 5 + 3 x 5 = €30, while combining both bets in a combination bet of €10 would net you 10 x 3 x 3 = €90!

Goldenpalace.be takes this one step further, however, by adding 1% extra winnings for every bet you add. Combine two predictions in one bet and get 2% extra winnings, combine five and get 5% extra winnings, etc.! 

This accumulator bonus is automatically calculated for you and shown on your betslip before you place your bet.

The accumulator bonus is a bonus of your winnings, not what you bet. In this example your potential payout is €10 * 1.14 * 5.73 * 1.16 * 6.60 * 1.76 = €880.18. What you actually win is €924.19, the payout you receive plus the accumulator bonus. The accumulator bonus adds 1% bonus to this amount per event you add, so in this case 5%: €880.18 * 0.05 = €44.01. 

This means that thanks to this bonus, you earn more than €44 more with this bet than you would on another site! 

Great promotions

goldenpalace.be regularly offers promotions such as free bet competitions and opportunities to win free football tickets for some of the best Belgian (and sometimes even international!) matches. In order to take advantage of these promotions, you simply need to regularly check our bonus and promotion page and follow us on social media.

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