The casino jackpots


All of our online casino games offer high payout percentages and multiple ways to win but there is nothing more exciting than knowing you can win a jackpot at any time, just by playing. jackpot

How can I win the casino jackpot?

At, there are not one, but two different jackpot systems, spread over a great number of our online casino games. With this many jackpot games, you know there’s always a jackpot to be won at any given time!

The two types of jackpots that offers are:

1. Fixed jackpots. Fixed jackpots will always have the same big jackpot size, no matter the stake size. That means you can get the big jackpot with even the lowest stake, though higher stakes give better chances.

2. Variable or stake-tied jackpots. This type of jackpots get higher as you raise your stake. This ensures that every type of player has an attainable jackpot to try a shot at, regardless of the stake they are playing at!





24K is a popular dice game that offers no less than 3 different jackpots! These are all fixed, which means they can be won at any stake level. 24K, as Diamond Double Wheel, can be played as a strategic dice game or as a fast-paced dice slot with the click of a button through the “instant mode”.

All the staples of strategic dice games are there: multipliers for win lines in 3 or 4 boxes, extra points for 9 identical dice, and a bonus wheel which, besides the jackpots, gives a number of mystery games or points to increase your winnings.



Sailorman is a strategic dice game inspired by a certain famous sailor and friends. Apart from the points bonuses for win lines in 2 or 3 boxes and 200 points for 9 identical symbols in 1 box, it has golden games in which you’ll receive the maximum cash prize for your stake no matter the points you score, and a stake tied extra cash prize for collecting 6 special symbols.

And then of course there’s the jackpot that can be won at any time during gameplay, as it’s not connected to any special conditions.



Gold Reels is the dice slot variation on 24K, and as is the case with that popular strategic dice game of ours, it has 3 different jackpots. All these jackpots are fixed, meaning they can all be won in the bonus game regardless of your stake size!

Gold Reels is our first dice slot to have a jackpot linked to it, so now both fans of strategy and action will be able to chase the jackpots available at Apart from the jackpots, there are also plenty of wild symbols to help you reach the high payouts!



Laser Lockup, with its futuristic neon light visuals of great graphic quality, has three challenging bonus games in store. Everytime you make a winline, the laser beams shift at random, and if they hit one of the bonus symbols A or B, they lock on.

Get three laser lockups on A or four on B to reveal the bonus games that give out the points you need for the big cash prizes. A winline of three bonus symbols unlocks a bonus round of laser roulette, for that chance at the jackpot.



Farmer’s Delight is a bright and playful strategic dice game, with 3 fixed jackpots that can be won at any stake. This dice game can also be played as a rapid-fire dice slot: just activate instant mode through the menu, and the slots become like reels, filling instantly!

The 3 jackpots in this game (a grand jackpot, a regular jackpot and a minipot) can be won in a rather novel manner. In the game’s bonus egg game, you’ll hatch chicks, and the more matching chicks you manage to hatch, the bigger the jackpot you win!



Looking for a pure strategic dice game? Then you’ve found the perfect game in Pure! This game full of clear soothing graphics is all about straightforward strategy gaming. Its bonus round has everything the fans are looking for: bonus points, mystery games, and best of all a shot at one of the three jackpots!

Any of the jackpots in Pure can be won at any stake, which means that payouts can run as high as 100,000 times your stake! You just need to get to the bonus wheel, where the jackpot option automatically awards you either the minipot, the regular jackpot or the grand jackpot!





Diamond Double Wheel is a strategic dice game that can become a fast-paced dice slot game at the click of a button! Activate “instant mode” to speed up the gameplay. On higher stakes, you can get extra mystery wins.

Diamond Double Wheel gets its name from the two bonus wheels you get in the bonus round: a points wheel and a cash wheel. You can spin either one first, and try the other one if you don’t accept the prize of the first wheel. The jackpot can be won during the first spin of this bonus mode.



Super Wheels Progressive is a strategic dice game which gives back! Nothing won during 30 spins? You’ll get a bonus wheel that awards you at least 100 points to ensure a cash win (even when you had won 70 of your previous 100 spins)!

There’s also a challenging bonus wheel round, where you’re given 5 chances to collect 1 prize at the wheel. Prizes you already won disappear from future rounds, increasing your chances to win the jackpot or mystery games!



Soccer Wheel brings the atmosphere of a football match to a strategic dice game!

Besides the regular dice game bonuses such as extra points for win lines in 3 or 4 boxes or for 9 identical symbols, there’s a very rewarding bonus wheel that, besides points that guarantee a cash win and mystery games, also houses the jackpot.



American Dice is a strategic dice game similar to games such as ‘Royal Wheel’ and ‘Mystery Chips’

The bonuses that are present in other strategic games remain: you can earn 200 bonus points by having 9 identical symbols, multiply your score by having winning lines in multiple game boxes and of course increase your winnings through the bonus game. uses cookies to enhance your experience on our gaming site. By continuing, you are consenting to this.

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