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When you browse the site, cookies are used to enhance your experience. This article explains why they are necessary and what we use (and do not use) them for.

Cookies are small text files which are placed on your computer when you browse our online casino and sports betting site. We use them so we can update your account based on your settings and actions on the site. Without them, it would be impossible to offer you a personalised experience and keep track of the necessary information related to your account.

Many sites, including our own, would not be able to offer account based gameplay without them, so they are in fact a necessity. As transparency towards our players is important to us, however, we still felt it was important to clarify their use.

In addition to being necessary elements for the functionality of the site, these cookies also allow us to enhance your gaming experience in multiple ways. It allows us to limit the amount of times you see an offer you have already taken advantage of, just to give you an example.

As these cookies take the form of text files, it is impossible for them to be malicious. We also take your privacy very seriously. We will not sell any gathered information to any third parties and will only use cookies for their intended purposes, without breaching your privacy. uses cookies to enhance your experience on our gaming site. By continuing, you are consenting to this.

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