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Italy – England (Sunday, July 11, 9 p.m.)

Italy placed itself for the final by beating Spain in a penalty shootout after extra time. England won to a strong Denmark after a disputable penalty decision. Which of the two will take home the trophy?

Professional's predictions: England wins @2.65 and First half: Draw @1.88


Please note that the odds above may have changed between the moment we publish this article and the moment you connect to our online sports betting application.


Italy – Spain (July 6, 9 p.m.)

It’s too bad for Belgium’s Golden Generation, but no disgrace: our team lost to a superior Italy. The Italians move on to the semi-finals where they’ll meet Spain, which bested Switzerland on Friday.

Professional's predictions: Italy wins @2.47 and 'Correct score: 1-0' @7

England – Denmark (July 7, 9 p.m.)

England thrashed Ukraine for its place in the semi-finals, while Denmark made it against the Czech Republic. Now the two face off for the final. Is football coming home, or does Denmark’s dream live on?

Professional's predictions: draw @3.60 and 'Total corners: over 9.5' @2.30

Please note that the odds above may have changed between the moment we publish this article and the moment you connect to our online sports betting application.


Switzerland – Spain (July 2, 6 p.m.)

Switzerland stunned the football world by kicking world champion France out of the tournament. The Spanish had their work with Croatia, but are through to the quarter-finals too. Who will win here?

Professional’s predictions: Spain wins @1.73 and 'Total Corners: Over 8.5' @1.90

Belgium – Italy (July 2, 9 p.m.)

Belgium gave everything it had to beat Portugal, potentially losing Hazard and De Bruyne. Italy beat Austria to become our next hurdle. Time for Belgium’s Golden Generation to rise to the occasion!

Professional's predictions: victory for Belgium @3.25 and 'Correct Score: 1-0' @7.80

Czech Republic – Denmark (July 3, 6 p.m.)

Two underdogs are up against each other in this quarter-final meeting, but only one will make the cut to the semi-finals! The Czechs beat the Netherlands, while Denmark made short work of Wales.

Professional’s predictions: draw @3.25 and 'HT/FT: Denmark/draw' @17

Ukraine – England (July 3, 9 p.m.)

Ukraine managed to get the best of Sweden in the very last minute of extra time, while England convincingly beat the Germans. Now, it’s all on the line once more in the quarter-finals…

Professional’s predictions: England wins @1.45 and 'Correct Score: 1-2' @8.80

Please note that the odds above may have changed between the moment we publish this article and the moment you connect to our online sports betting application.

Round of 16

Wales – Denmark (June 26, 6 p.m.)

Wales broke through to the knockout rounds as second of its group. Denmark survived Belgium’s group for another chance to fight for Christian Eriksen. Which team will become the first in the quarter-finals?

Professional’s predictions: Denmark to win @1.87 and ‘Correct score: 1-2’ @9.60

Italy – Austria (June 26, 9 p.m.)

Italy’s report card is impressive, nothing but victories and zero goals conceded so far. Against the Italians, we find Austria, coming from the second spot of its group. Who will win this neighbour’s duel?

Professional’s predictions: Italy wins @1.54 and ‘Corners: Over 9.5’ @2.05

Netherlands – Czech Republic (June 27, 6 p.m.)

The Netherlands won their group after winning all 3 games – there’s no stopping the Dutch yet! The Czechs were a best third in their group, so they’ll have an uphill battle here…

Professional’s predictions: win for the Dutch @ 1.72 and ‘Half-time/Full time: Draw/Netherlands’ @4.50

Belgium – Portugal (June 27, 9 p.m.)

For a while, Belgium (already 1st in its group) was up against any team from group F, but fate decided that it was lucky third Portugal. The Portuguese won the title back in 2016.

Professional’s predictions: Belgium wins @2.48 and Lukaku scores @ 2.55

Croatia – Spain (June 28, 6 p.m.)

Croatia placed 2nd in its group, but only on goal difference. The vice world champion hasn’t made a great impression, while Spain finally rose up, winning its last game with a 5-goal difference.

Professional’s predictions: draw @3.55 and ‘Correct score: 1-1’ @6.40

France – Switzerland (June 28, 9 p.m.)

France meets its smaller neighbour in an interesting duel. The French drew 2 of their group games: they need to start winning now. Switzerland may be another lucky third, but it’s not without chance.

Professional’s predictions: France wins @ 1.53 and ‘Corners: Over 9.5’ @2.40

England – Germany (June 29, 6 p.m.)

This may look like an absolute stunner of a fixture, but let’s not forget that neither England’s nor Germany’s performance has blown spectators away so far. Which of these giants make it through?

Professional’s predictions: Germany wins @2.90 and ‘Total Goals: Over 2.5’ @2.15

Sweden – Ukraine (June 29, 9 p.m.)

Sweden has proven true to its fierce reputation, outperforming even Spain for the first place in its group. The Ukrainians finished as one of the best thirds, and have their work cut out for them…

Professional’s predictions: draw @3.15 and both teams to score @2.10

Please note that the odds above may have changed between the moment we publish this article and the moment you connect to our online sports betting application.

Matchday 3

Italy – Wales (June 20, 6 p.m.)

Italy is on a roll, with two clear 3-0 victories! Wales is warned, but with a win and a draw, it could be safe for qualification. The question here becomes: who will be the group winner?

Professional’s predictions: draw @4.20 with both teams scoring @2.41

Switzerland – Turkey (June 20, 6 p.m.)

Switzerland failed to make a big impression in its last game. Turkey, too, fell from a dark horse to an also-ran, losing twice so far. Switzerland can still make the cut, but only with a comprehensive win.

Professional’s predictions: win for the Swiss @1.70 and ‘Correct score: 2-0’ @8.20

Ukraine – Austria (June 21, 6 p.m.)

Ukraine’s strong performance didn’t lead to victory in the first game, but the Ukrainians got the best of their second opponent. Austria also won once and lost once. This game will decide who goes through.

Professional’s predictions: Ukraine to win @3.70 and ‘Correct score : 1-0’ @ 9.00

North Macedonia – Netherlands (June 21, 6 p.m.)

North Macedonia’s historic first appearance has not gone unnoticed. Unfortunately, it didn’t go with a victory either. The Netherlands is 2 for 2, so the Dutch are technically in the next round already.

Professional’s predictions: Dutch victory @1.31 and ‘Total Goals: Over 2.5’ @1.61

Finland – Belgium (June 21, 9 p.m.)

Finland defeated a shook Denmark, but lost its second game to Russia. A victory against Belgium, already certain of the knockout round after beating Denmark too, would be an unlikely stunt.

Professional’s predictions: Belgian victory @1.32 with a 0-2 score @5.40

Russia – Denmark (June 21, 9 p.m.)

Denmark has its mind on Christian Eriksen’s health for the moment. It inspired the Danish to a strong first half against Belgium. Can they pull themselves together in time to create a victory for Eriksen?

Professional’s predictions: Denmark wins @1.72 and ‘Total Goals: Over 2.5’ @1.95

Czechia – England (June 22, 9. p.m.)

The Czechs tied their last game, but they’re leading their group with 4 points. England is second with as many points, but a less favorable goal difference. Who will top to the group here?

Professional’s predictions: England wins @1.59 and ‘Correct score: 1-2’ @8.80

Croatia – Scotland (June 22, 9. p.m.)

Croatia, vice world champion, hasn’t won a single game so far… Scotland hasn’t won either, but famously managed to draw with England. If either wants to go through, victory is crucial!

Professional’s predictions: victory for Croatia @2.27, ‘Total Goals: Under 2.5’ @1.81

Sweden – Poland (June 23, 6 p.m.)

Sweden is surprisingly topping its group, while Poland is equally surprising the last there. Sweden can almost taste the knockout round, so Poland will have to do everything in its power to win…

Professional’s predictions: draw @ 3.30 and both teams score @1.90

Slovakia – Spain (June 23, 6 p.m.)

Slovakia is contending for a spot in the next round after winning once and losing once. Spain underperformed, with 2 draws. This game will be all or nothing for both teams!

Professional’s predictions: Spain to win @1.22 and ‘Half-time/Full time: Draw/Spain’ @3.55

Germany – Hungary (June 23, 9 p.m.)

In its last game, Germany rose to the occasion to thrash Portugal with a 2-4 score line. Hungary is hanging on for dear life, but still has a shot for the knockout phase – if and only if it wins…

Professional’s predictions: win for Germany @1.19 and ‘Total Goals: Over 3.5’ @2.12

Portugal – France (June 23, 9 p.m.)

Portugal will need to get itself together if it wants to make the cut. Its opponent is none other than world champion France. The French failed to impress, but haven’t lost and surely won’t start now.

Professional’s predictions: French victory @ 2.25, ‘Correct score: 1-2’ @9.60

Please note that the odds above may have changed between the moment we publish this article and the moment you connect to our online sports betting application.

Matchday 2

Finland – Russia (June 16, 3 p.m.)

In the game against Denmark that almost was cancelled altogether , Finland won 0-1. Now big neighbour Russia is up next. Russia was no match for Belgium: can they bounce back against Finland?

Professional’s predictions: Russia wins @1.65 and ‘Correct score: 0-2’ @6.20

Turkey – Wales (June 16, 6 p.m.)

Turkey has the unfortunate honour to have marked the first own goal of the tournament, leading to a 0-3 against Italy. Wales couldn’t get past Switzerland, so both have a lot to make up for in this duel.

Professional’s predictions: draw @3.15 and ‘Half-time/Full Time: Draw/Draw’ @4.10

Italy – Switzerland (June 16, 9 p.m.)

Italy convinced in the inaugural game against Turkey, while Switzerland drew 1-1 against Wales. If it wants to play the knockout rounds, Switzerland will have to bring their best game against Italy.

Professional’s predictions: victory for Italy @1.61 and ‘Correct score: 3-1’ @15

Ukraine – North-Macedonia (June 17, 3 p.m.)

Ukraine ultimately lost its entertaining first game 3-2. Feisty first-timer North Macedonia couldn’t stunt against Austria, but Goran Pandev did write history by scoring, though. Can he do it once more?

Professional’s prediction: ‘Half-time/Full time: Draw/Switzerland’ @4.70

Denmark – Belgium (June 17, 6 p.m.)

Denmark is relieved by the recovery that Christian Eriksen has made after his dramatic exit, enough so to take on Belgium as planned. It displays the emotional bravery of the Danes, but victory is unlikely…

Netherlands – Austria (June 17, 9 p.m.)

A late goal by Denzel Dumfries meant victory for the Netherlands, while Austria won its first game 3-1. Can the Netherlands continue their comeback form with a victory against the Austrians?

Sweden – Slovakia (June 18, 3 p.m.)

Sweden pulled off the first stunt of the tournament by fending off wave after wave of Spanish attacks to finish 0-0. Slovakia impressed in its victory against Poland. This could be high-level excitement!

Croatia – Czechia (June 18, 6 p.m.)

Croatia missed its start, losing its first game. A second chance comes when it faces the Czechs, who’ve won 0-2. Croatia can’t afford to lose here, while Czechia can play with more confidence now.

England – Scotland (June 18, 9 p.m.)

A historically charged meeting, this one! Scotland will need a small miracle to leave Wembley with a victory. On the other hand, England won its first game only by the smallest margin...

Hungary – France (June 19, 3 p.m.)

Hungary is the weakest team in its group, but it had legitimate claim to at least a 0-0 draw in its first game. France won its first game without dominating. The French will surely try to do so here!

Portugal – Germany (June 19, 6 p.m.)

Portugal was, as expected, all about Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored twice so far. Germany, for its part, didn’t wholly convince, losing to France with an unfortunate own goal. This could be a true spectacle!

Spain – Poland (June 19, 9 p.m.)

Spain broke its teeth on the tough Swedes, leading to the first 0-0 draw of the tournament. Can the Spanish show their might against the Poles, who disappointed against Slovakia?

Please note that the odds above may have changed between the moment we publish this article and the moment you connect to our online sports betting application.

Matchday 1

Turkey – Italy (June 11, 9 p.m.)

The opening game is always a tricky endeavour for the favorite – in this case, that’s Italy. The two met twice in 2006, and both games ended 1-1. Chance are that it happens again.

Wales – Switzerland (June 12, 3 p.m.)

Can Wales do as good as it did in 2016, when it reached the quarterfinals? The Swiss are the slight favorite here, with no defeats in 7 games. Can they add to their winning streak?

Denmark – Finland (June 12, 6 p.m.)

Scandinavian derby in the first game of group B between future adversaries of Belgium. Denmark is pegged to win this one. Finland lost its 3 preparatory games. The Danish, from their side, drew against Germany.

Belgium – Russia (June 12, 9 p.m.)

This is what all of Belgium has been waiting for. Belgium isn’t yet complete for this first game: no KDB, for example. Belgium has a good track record against Russia: it won both qualifying games: 3-1 and 4-1.

England – Croatia (June 13, 3 p.m.)

Croatia is vice-world champion. Can England take revenge against the team that blocked their route to the final back in 2018? Croatia won that game with 2-1…

Austria – North Macedonia (June 13, 6 p.m.)

Austria has won 2 encounters with North Macedonia in the qualifiers: 2-1 and 1-4. North Macedonia earned its qualification by beating Germany, of all teams. Surprise win for the underdog?

Netherlands – Ukraine (June 13, 9 p.m.)

The Netherlands returns after missing appointments in 2016 and 2018. How will it perform this time? The answer lies in this first encounter with Ukraine, which lost all 3 group phase games in 2016.

Scotland – Czech Republic (June 14, 3 p.m.)

Scotland was last to qualify for the tournament, but the Scottish squad has the teeth to make an impression. It may not be against the Czech Republic, which hasn’t lost against the Scots.

Poland – Slovakia (June 14, 6 p.m.)

In this duel between neighbours, both nations won 1 game each in recent times. Poland, with the inevitable Robert Lewandowski, scored 6 times, whereas Slovakia only made 4 goals.

Spain – Sweden (June 14, 9 p.m.)

Spain is the better team on paper, sure, but its selection is plagued with covid worries. Also, Sweden has won its last 5 games. Can the Swedes create an upset even without Zlatan Ibrahimović?

Hungary – Portugal (June 15, 6 p.m.)

Portugal won the championship the last time around, and its selection looks good enough for a strong run. On the other hand, Hungary managed to pull off 1 draw in 3 encounters between the two…

France – Germany (June 15, 9 p.m.)

Looking through history, this seems like it could’ve been a final all by itself! France is a solid favourite for the title, while Germany has more to prove after disappointing defeats lately.

Please note that the odds above may have changed between the moment we publish this article and the moment you connect to our online sports betting application.