GoldenOdds: boosted odds every Euro day!

It’s Euro time, and at, you can bet on it that we’ve found a way to let you make the most of the European football championship. All throughout the Euro, we will offer boosted odds – GoldenOdds. Bet bigger and win more on the Euro!


Every Euro day, we will propose you GoldenOdds. Thanks to these boosted odds, the potential winnings increase while the risk stays the same. For example: team 1 to win against team 2 could be boosted to @2.10 instead of @1.80. This way, these boosted odds GoldenOdds allow you to win more and easier.

The GoldenOdds of the day will be posted below on this page for every day that a game is played. Participation is easy too: just bet a maximum of €100 on the proposed GoldenOdds of that day, and if winning, you’ll receive your wager multiplied by the boosted odds. GoldenOdds: bet bigger, win more!

France - Germany

France to win @2.85