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Where do I find my placed bets?

To see your placed bets, simply click on ‘history’ in your betslip (where you also place your bets).

Do you only offer live betting?

No! While we pride ourselves on offering you live betting around the clock, we also have plenty of pre-match betting possibilities. Simply select “pre-match betting” on top of the sports betting page after logging in.

Prematch betting

What's an express bet?

An express bet is a combination bet with 1% bonus winnings for every game you add to the bet. All combination bets are Express bets on!

What’s a combination bet?

A combination bet is a type of bet with which you can turn a small wager into a big payday.

When making a combination bet you are betting on a combination of several outcomes. All the predictions you make in the combination bet have to come true in order to win, but the reward can more than make up for this. The odds of the separate bets in the combination bet are multiplied up to a maximum of 1,000.

Example: you place three bets with odds of 1.75, 5.22 and 1.80 and combine them in one express bet. If you were to place an express bet of €10 on this and win, you would win €10 x 1.75 x 5.22 x 1.80 = €164.43 + €4.63 bonus (164.43 – 10) + 3% = €169.10!

What's a Chain Bet?

Chain BetA Chain Bet is a bet that allows you to place one single wager on a series of multiple single bets.

Your full wager is used for every bet in the chain. If you win, your wager is transferred to the next bet of the chain and the rest of your winnings are added to your chain bet reserve. If you lose, your wager is lost and the wager needed for the next bet is taken from your reserve instead.

If your reserve is insufficient to cover the next bet, the chain is broken and you lose your bet. If you complete the chain, you win everything that’s in your reserve. See our sports betting launch news article for a fully worked out example.

What’s a handicap bet?

A handicap bet is a bet where one team is given an advantage (or a disadvantage) when calculating the result of the bet.

Example: Handicap 2 (+1). The “2” means we are betting on the team which is listed second (the home team is always listed first, the visitors are always listed second). +1 means they get an advantage of 1 goal. 

Let’s say a game ends in 1-1, which would be a draw when placing a standard bet. With a handicap 2 (+1) we need to add one point to the score of the visitors, so the score for this bet would be 1-2, a win for the visitors. If we would place a Handicap 1 (-1) bet and the end result would be 2-1, the bet would be seen as 1-1, a draw (as we need to subtract 1 point from the score of the home team).

Handicap bets are handy when you want to have higher odds when betting on a team that’s a clear favourite, or when you want to reduce your risk when betting on the underdog. uses cookies to enhance your experience on our gaming site. By continuing, you are consenting to this.

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