Household rules

  • This hall is in compliance with the law on games of Chance of the 7th of May 1999. The license number, appointed by the Gaming Commission is communicated on the official document that’s published.
  • To insure the protection of the player, all games are homologated and controlled by the Gaming Commission. Every game carries a homologation number and a serial number appointed by the Gaming Commission.
  • The direction and personnel are always to your availability to help or to explain the games.
  • To offer more comfort, seats are reserved to players.
  • To guarantee your security, this gaming hall is surveyed by cameras and all vaults are equipped with a timer.
  • The entrance is reserved to people aged 21 and older on presentation of their identity card
  • For your comfort, correct way of clothing is obligatory.
  • The law on the games of chance prohibites the direction and personnel to allocate credits.
  • On the multiplayer games a person may not play on different positions at the same time, or with help from one or more different customers, in mutual consultation deposit the same stakes on different gaming controls or gaming screens.
  • Since the coincidence generator is strictly guaranteed by the Gaming Commission, any external attempt to influence the outcome of the wagers and winnings will be voided (under external influence, we mean any mechanical, electronic or other means of influence).
  • Any attempt to influence the outcome of the play, like every other attempt to cheat, will be followed by a complaint to the competent authorities.
  • If a game or a change machine does not work or is defective, a necessary period of time  will be needed to carry out the refund. Only the stakes will be refunded.
  • In the first place playing  means fun and relaxation. However, games can lead to a form of problematic playing and a necessary element, to form a true drug in one's life .This can lead certain people, without being aware, to fully lose control over the situation when they can’t play. Help is available and we refer you to the folder that is available at the reception, at the checkout or on request.
  • It is forbidden to smoke in the gaming halls.
  • You are kindly asked to remain calm and composed in the area of the arcade, in order to prevent any noise pollution, and keep the nuisance for the local residents at a minimum.
  • Everyone who makes use of a French Carte Bleue or VPay agrees to not use it as a “credit card”, but only as a “debit card”.