Dice Cup

Dice Cup is a straightforward, football-themed strategic dice game that puts the ball at your feet! Get three bonus symbols to unlock the bonus penalty shootout round where you can win your stake a 100 times over!


The game concept

Dice Cup is a strategic dice game with 4 slots and dice columns of 3 random dice. You get the choice to put the dice columns in any of the 4 slots. The dice columns will always automatically fill in left to right in a slot. When you match up identical symbols, you get the corresponding points for that combination, as displayed in the points table on the top left side. Your points for each slot will be added, and you will receive the winnings of your corresponding score as indicated in the win table on the top right side.


Setting a stake

Before you start actually playing, it’s advised to choose a stake that suits your playing style. The following stakes are possible: €0.25, €0.50, €0.75, €1, €2, €2.50, and €5. By default, your stake will be set at the lowest of €0.25. To change the stake, you click the stake button in the lower left corner. Regardless of the stake you settle, all wins are between 2 and 100 times your stake, depending on how many points you score. You can change your stake at the beginning of the game, or after every round finishes. You can check the stake you’ve set in the bet field in the top bar.



After setting a stake, you have 2 options to start playing. You can click the start button in the lower right corner, which will bring up the first dice column to be played in the column display field. A second way of starting the game is by clicking in any slot, which gives the same result as the start button. With your first dice column visible, you can then either click the slot you want the column to go to, or click the next button that replaces the start button, to have the computer assign a slot, one column at a time.

Alternatively, you can use automated play mode. During automated play, the computer assigns the columns to the slot most likely to make a winning line. To activate automated play, just click auto play to the left of the start button to bring up the options. Clicking an option of your choice will then start that number of automated plays. You can stop this mode at any time by clicking stop auto play. At that point, the current turn will still finish automatically, but the rest of the autoplays will be cancelled. 


Bonus penalty shootout round and mystery games

When you make a winning combination of 3 red Chinese characters, you unlock the bonus penalty shootout round. Here, you can click any of the 4 football players in the 4 slots. The player of your choice will then kick the penalty to reveal your win. As this can be anywhere from 100 points to 1000 points and even mystery games, you are guaranteed to win a cash prize in this bonus round. In the mystery games, you'll receive 100 times your stake for any score of 100 points or more.


Extra points

There are 3 ways to gain extra points in Dice Cup: