On The Rocks

In ice cold strategic dice game On The Rocks, you’ll have plenty of ways to make some cool cash as you pick your own style. How will you play? Have it On The Rocks!



On The Rocks is a strategic dice game with 4 cases. It is your goal to make as many winning combinations in as many of these cases by arranging the dice columns you’re given. These columns will always fill from left to right. Winning combination can occur horizontally and diagonally, and different symbols have different payouts.



To start playing, you have 3 options:


Setting a stake

To set the stake of your choice, you can use the “stake” button in the lower left corner. You have the following stake options:

Clicking the “stake” button increases the value until you hit €5: click once more to return to the lowest value of €0.25.


Bonus game

If you get a winning line of red Chinese symbols, you enter the bonus game. Here you’ll get to choose between 4 frozen dice in the 4 cases. Just click the case of your choice for a points bonus of anything from 100 points (guaranteed win) to 1000 points (100 times your stake).


Extra points