Get on board with our popular sailorman and his friends, and sail the world looking for riches! This fun to play strategic dice game offers multiple nice bonuses such as golden games or a stake-tied bonus for collecting certain symbols. That’s not even all: Sailorman also has a fixed jackpot to win!


How to play

Sailorman is a strategic dice game: you win by getting lines of identical symbol in one of the three blocks. Winning lines are always made diagonally or horizontally and any new vertical column of dice is always added into the leftmost place in a block. You can work out your own strategy by placing the dice columns where you want: will you go for the most winning lines, or will you sacrifice spaces in the blocks to get the valuable bonus symbols? It’s all up to you!

Points are awarded for winning lines as mentioned in the payline value table in the upper left corner and the points value table in the upper right corner. You can win up to 100 times your original stake at any stake size with a points value of 100 or higher.

Before you start playing, you first have to set a stake size. To do so, you can click the “stake” button in the lower left corner. The following stake sizes are available:

With the stake size set, you can start playing by clicking the “start” button in the lower right corner. This will bring the first dice column to the leftmost spot in the leftmost block. Clicking “next” will automatically send the next dice columns to the most logical place according to the computer. If you want to keep control, you can just click the blocks of your choice.

Alternatively, you can let the game take over completely through autoplay. For this mode, you click “autoplay” to the left of the “start” button. When you click this button, you’ll see a list of options, and clicking on one of these options starts that number of automatic spins. To stop autoplay, you can always click “stop autoplay”.


Golden games & ship’s wheel collection prize

Get 3 anchor symbols on a winning line and you’ll unlock the golden games feature. In this bonus game, you can win up to 10 free games in which each payout for a score of 100 or more rewards you with the maximum prize for your current stake. Just click on the barrels and wait until a number of games is awarded.

The ship’s wheel symbol also gives a special prize: every time you make a winning line with 3 ship’s wheel symbols, you don’t get points, but you will see a ship’s wheel symbol appear to the left of the points value table in the upper right side. If you collect 6 ship’s wheel symbols here, you get a stake-tied prize!



Sailorman has the following multipliers: