1 Can 2 Can

In the colourful dice slot game 1 Can 2 Can, 2 friendly toucans await deep in the tropical rainforest. Those who find them will be rewarded with their treasure. The generous birds will randomly transform dice into wilds or even scatters, so you’ll never know where or how much you’ll win!


Before starting

1 Can 2 Can is a dice slot game with 25 paylines and 12 different symbols. You win by getting at least three identical symbols (or 2 and at least 1 wild) in a consecutive formation along any of the paylines starting from the leftmost reel. The highest regular symbol, the sloth, already pays out when you have 2 of them on a payline, with 5 of them paying out 500 times your total bet size.

For an overview of the symbols and paylines, you can look in the in-game help file by clicking the info button in the lower left corner. In the upper left corner, there’s the total bet field, and across the game screen to the right of it, the balance field.

Your current win is displayed in the middle underneath the reels, to the right of the payline and base bet size buttons and to the left of the spin and autoplay buttons. Left and right of the reels, the toucans reside: from there, they’ll reach across the reels to randomly add wilds.


Setting your total bet size

The total amount at which you’ll be playing depends on two criteria:

To set these, you can click on the red flowers (down) or blue flowers (up). You can choose any number of paylines from 1 up to 25, and the following base bet sizes: €2, €1, €0.50, €0.25, €0.20, €0.10, €0.05, €0.02, and €0.01.

Your total bet size, therefore, is the base bet size multiplied by the number of paylines. This makes bets possible from €0.01 up to €50. Regardless of your base bet size, we recommend playing with all 25 paylines, to maximise your chances of winning.


Let’s play!

After you’ve chosen a suitable total bet size, it’s time to start playing! Just click the green spin button in the lower right corner to start your first manual spin. You can stop the reels from spinning yourself as soon as the red stop button appears. To continue, just click spin again.

Alternatively, you can click the autoplay button to open the available autoplay options. Clicking on a number of autoplay spins of your choice (from 5 to 100) will start that number of spins automatically. Clicking cancel will close the autoplay options menu again.

During autoplay, no other manipulations of the game are possible. You cannot change the number of paylines or the base bet size until you stop autoplay. The gamble feature (see below) will still be available if you click it before the next spin starts, and autoplay can always be stopped by clicking the red stop button.


Special symbols

1 Can 2 Can has 2 special symbols: wilds and scatters. These can be easily identified by the words “wild” and “scatter” on them. Besides occurring naturally on the reels, they can also be awarded at random by the toucans, during regular spins (1 special symbol on at least 1 reel) as well as during free games spins (up to 3 special symbols on at least 1 reel).

Wilds will randomly appear on all reels to help you start, connect, or extend winning symbol strings along the established paylines. As such, wilds can substitute for any other symbol, except for scatters. Apart from their role as substitutes for all regular symbols, they are the most valuable symbol to score on a winline: up to a 1000 times your total bet size.

Scatters will also randomly appear across all reels. They pay out no matter where they appear, payline or not, as long as there’s three or more. To make up for their relatively low intrinsic value (up to 50 times your total bet size), they trigger 10 free games (see below).


Free games

Three or more scatters, no matter where on the reels, will award 10 free games, to be played at the total bet size at which you were playing before. During these free games, the toucans are most generous: they’ll fly across the reels and change up to 3 regular symbols into special symbols on at least 1 reel. This means that potentially all reels can become all wilds!


Gamble feature

1 Can 2 Can has a gamble feature, allowing you to multiply any win you made by up to 1024! After every win, the gamble button (hearts and clovers) becomes available to click. This will take you to a new game screen, where you’ll be presented with a choice to guess either the colour or the suit of a playing card. Guessing the right colour or suit will double or quadruple your winnings respectively.

When correct, you can guess again, and this can be done up to 5 times in total. If you’re wrong with your guess, however, you’ll lose everything: the winnings you had from the regular game as well as any additional winnings you made in the gambling feature. You can only gamble the full amount of your winnings this way, but the feature is not obligatory: you can leave it any time you like.