The Great Old Dice

The Great Old Dice

Ever wanted to score for your favourite team? Fans of Royal Antwerp Football Club will be truly delighted with The Great Old Dice, our strategic dice game littered with graphics referencing the legendary football team, nicknamed “The Great Old”.


Before you start

The Great Old Dice is a strategic dice game with 4 boxes that you can fill with 3 columns of dice each. The goal is to get a horizontal or diagonal line of identical dice symbols. The higher the dice symbol’s number, the bigger your points reward. You can see how much points each dice symbol represents in the upper left corner. For the corresponding payout for your total points, there’s a payout table in the upper right corner. In between, you have the next column indicator.

Below the 4 boxes, you have a stake button on the right: clicking this will increase your stake. To follow the stake size, check the bet field in the top row. Here you’ll also find your balance, any amount of bonus spins (if applicable) and latest win. The stake size can vary from €0.25 to €5, and the payout table will change according to the bet you put into play. The amount you win will always be between 2 times and 100 times your stake.


How to play

To reveal the first dice column to play, you can either click anywhere in any of the 4 boxes, or click start in the lower right corner. To continue manually, you can then click in the box of your choice to send the dice column there. Alternatively, you can click the next button that replaces the start button to have the computer decide where each dice column goes, one click at a time.

You can also opt for auto play for faster gameplay. To activate auto play, you simply click the auto play button and select the number of spins to be done automatically. You can stop playing automatically by clicking the same button again. It will display how many auto spins are left before auto play stops by itself. The last auto play round will complete after you click, at which point you can take over again to resume manual play.


Bonus feature

To unlock The Great Old Dice’s bonus feature, you have to score a winning line of 3 red symbol dice. This will open bonus game in which 4 goals are presented to you. Each goal hides either a points value or an amount of Mystery Games, but you can only choose one! Scoring a goal with a Mystery prize awards you 2 to 6 mystery games during which any score of 100 or above allows you to win 100 times your stake.



There are 3 multipliers in The Great Old Dice: