24K is an exciting dice game that offers no less than three jackpots of different sizes! Full of features that will keep players of all levels entertained, 24K is a staple among dice games. Go for gold with 24K!

How to play

In 24K, you have to create winning lines of three identical dice in a horizontal or diagonal row. Different dice pay out different points, and at least 100 points in any of the four boxes are needed to win. You can see how many points a winning line will pay out below the two leftmost boxes. The payout for the points you gain in each round is shown below the rightmost boxes.

You start by setting your wager. This is done by clicking the “BET” button which increases the value. The default is set at €1.00. Once you reach the maximum of €25 another click will bring it back to €0.25. You have the following bet value options:

You will notice that the higher your bet value you choose, the higher your prize will be in accordance with the points you might gather. At the €10 threshold, extra mystery wins for high stakes are triggered. At this stake level, you get free mystery games when you reach 1000 points. All winning scores award 100 times your bet in these mystery games.

After you’ve set your wager, you can start playing. There’s different ways to play, depending on your preferences: you can play 24K as a strategic dice game, or as a fast-paced dice slot.

If you prefer a strategic approach where you’re in control of where the dice should go, click the “START” button on the far right. You will be given the option to assign the vertical rows of dice in any of the four available slots. This way, you can take your time to pursue the win lines you want. If you click “AUTO PLAY”, the computer will automatically put the dice in the boxes most likely to create win lines. You can stop the autoplay at any given moment by clicking “STOP AUTO PLAY”.

With the instant mode function turned on, 24K has the fast-paced action of a dice slot. To turn on instant mode, you can click the “MENU” button in the far left corner of the game field, and then click “INSTANT MODE” in the pop up window. From then on, the four boxes will be filled in automatically each time you click “START”. If you activate autoplay now, the computer will fill the four boxes continuously until you hit “STOP AUTO PLAY”.

You can switch between instant mode and normal mode at any given moment by going into the “MENU” to (de)activate “INSTANT MODE”.

24K bonus wheel

When you manage to get three “24K” symbols in a row, you will unlock the 24K bonus wheel. Here, you’ll get a chance to win either of the three jackpots, two to five mystery games, or extra points to increase your winnings. Just click the “SPIN” button in the center of the wheel for your chance at the big bucks. 

It’s important to note that the jackpots are not tied to your stake. This means that you have a chance at the grand jackpot with even the smallest stake. Bigger stakes, however, will increase your chances at winning one of the jackpots.

Extra bonus points

24K also rewards extra bonus points. There are two multipliers, which give you 1.5 times your points for winlines in three boxes, and 2 times your points for winlines in four boxes. You get another 200 bonus points for getting nine identical dice in one box.