Soccer Wheel

Soccer Wheel vividly brings the excitement of a soccer stadium in full game atmosphere to the world of dice games. With its bonus wheel that always has a hefty jackpot of more than a thousand times your stake tied to it, sports fans looking for that chance to score big will find it here!


How To Play

First, you set the stake size of your preference by clicking the “Stake” button to reach your preferred stake value. The default stake for Soccer Wheel is set at €0.25, and stakes are limited to €15. Clicking beyond €15 will return the value back to €0.25. You can set the following stake values:

You will get higher rewards for higher stake values, and you’ll be paid out anywhere from 2 times up to 100 times the stake you choose in accordance with your points score. For reference, in the upper right hand corner, there’s a table with prizes per points. Also note that the jackpot is tied to your stake: the more you put in, the more interesting the jackpot becomes.

In Soccer Wheel, you win cash by scoring points through creating winning horizontal or diagonal lines of three identical dice symbols in any of the four provided slots. You create these lines by putting the given vertical dice columns in the strategically best suited slot.
You start the game by clicking in any slot to send the first dice column to that slot, or by clicking the “Start” button in the lower right corner. Afterwards, you can click any available slot yourself, or let the computer decide the best slot for the dice column by clicking “Auto”. You can also immediately activate the autoplay function by clicking “START AUTOPLAY”. In this game mode, the computer continuously assigns the columns to the most profitable slots. This mode can be interrupted at any moment: to deactivate it, just click “STOP AUTOPLAY”.

You can see a table that shows the points for each symbol’s win line to the left of the next dice column to play.

Bonus Wheel & Jackpot

When you manage to align three Golden Palace clover leaf symbols, you can take a spin at the bonus wheel. This bonus wheel awards extra points to assure you a nice win, a mystery game, or the jackpot. The extra points you stand to win are at the very least the minimum points needed for a cash prize as shown in the table on the main game screen. In other words: any result at the bonus wheel will give you a guaranteed payout of at least 2 times your stake, though you can also win much more than that!

There’s a jackpot to be won at every stake level. This means that every turn you play is one that can pay out the jackpot of over a thousand times your stake! You can follow the jackpot’s progress in the upper right corner information box in the main game screen. Here, you’ll also see how it grows in size depending on your stake size. The jackpot is the biggest prize that can be won in the bonus game.

It’s also possible to win mystery games through the bonus game, which give you the maximum payout with ANY score over 100!


There are three multipliers in Soccer Wheel: