Foxin' Wins Again

Foxin' Wins Again

In dice slot game Foxin’ Wins, we visit wealthy Mr. Fox in his mansion. Wonder where he got his riches? Then try playing his game!


Game overview

Foxin’ Wins is a dice slot game: it has 5 reels of 3 dice, and features 25 lines. You win cash whenever a string of identical symbols occurs along one of the 25 lines. These lines always start from the leftmost reel. Only strings of characters and lines explained in the rules (see below) will pay out.

To access the in-game rules page, you click the “i” in the bottom left corner. Here you’ll find explanations of the wilds and scatters and their advantages, the bonus features, the symbols and their payouts, an overview of the game’s rules and the valid paylines.


How to play

Foxin’ Wins is played by clicking the leftmost button of the controls on the bottom below the reels. Clicking this will launch the reels. You cannot stop the reels from spinning, so you’ll have to wait until they finish by themselves. When the result has been calculated, you can click this start button again to continue.

Alternatively, you can use automated spins. To start playing automated spins, you have to first set a number of spins for the computer to play by itself. Click the button to the left of the start button for the autoplay options, pick the number of spins of your choice, and they will start playing. Autoplay can be interrupted at any time by clicking the red stop button that replaces the autoplay options button.


How to set a stake

Use the up and down buttons in the lower left side to change the base bet size. When you launch the game, this is set at €0.03, but it can be scaled down to €0.01 and up to €25, with several intervals possible.

Note that this will only change your base bet size and not the amount you actually wager for each spin. As your total bet size depends on your level of Superbet (more below), your base bet and total bet don’t always correspond. You can check your total bet size in the upper left corner.


Wilds and Superbet

At the start of the game, wilds (symbols that can substitute for other symbols except scatters) can already occur on every reel, and are very useful for making longer winning combinations. With the Superbet option, you can even add extra wilds. This option is turned off by default, and has 2 settings.

The first setting asks a total bet of 1.4 times your base bet for a chance at additional wilds to reels 2 and 4, the second setting asks 2 times your base bet for a chance at additional wilds at reels 1, 2, 4 and 5. You can either click the lever to the right of the reels, or click the individual options “1” and “2”, or “off” to switch this option back off.


Scatters and free games

Scatters are symbols that pay out even if they don’t occur on a winning line. As long as you have at least 2 of these, you win a nice sum at least equal to your base stake. On top of that, 3 or more scatters will trigger the free games option. Here, you’ll be awarded 10 free spins at the stake you had when you won them.

You will get 10 free spins regardless of how many scatters you have (3, 4 or 5). During these, all winnings will be doubled and wilds will occur more frequently on the reels enabled by Superbet. Free games can be retriggered if you get another 3 scatters. The stake cannot be changed during free games.


Fox Funds and Leprechaun Shakedown

Foxin’ Wins has 2 random bonus features that can occur after any paid spin: Fox Funds and Leprechaun Shakedown. These will happen at random during play, and will award a random amount of extra cash.

In Fox Funds, generous Mr Fox shares his personal fortune with you, and during Leprechaun Shakedown, he can catch a leprechaun and give you his gold. This second bonus is only awarded if the leprechaun is caught.


Gamble feature

After every win, you can use your winnings in a gambling game where you get to choose the colour or suit of a playing card. Every time you guess the right colour, you double your winnings, and every time you guess the right suit, you quadruple your winnings. You can guess up to 5 times in total, which means you can multiply your winnings by 1024. If you’re wrong however, you lose all the winnings you made in the gamble feature, plus the winnings from the regular game.