Owl Eyes

Deep in the magical forest, you gaze into the Owl Eyes and find immeasurable riches. This dice slot will enchant you with stacked wild symbols which double your winnings and scattered symbols which offer free games with even more stacked wild symbols!


The Main Game Field

Owl Eyes is a dice slot game which consists of 5 reels of 4 dice. To the left and right of these reels, there are numbers from 1 to 50 indicating winning lines. Beneath the reels, the following gameplay buttons are listed from left to right:


Getting Started

In Owl Eyes, you win by making winning lines of at least 3 identical symbols from left to right starting at the leftmost reel. Before you hit the spin button, it’s advised to consider an appropriate total bet size. By default, the total bet size is set to €5.00 (50 winlines of €0.10). You can bet as low as €0.01 (1 line at €0.01) and as high as €100 (50 lines at €2.00). You can alter the total bet size by changing the number of winning lines on which to bet, and by changing the stake size per winning line in the following ways:

Once you’ve set your preferred total bet size, it’s time to start playing!


Let’s Play

With your total bet size set, you can click the spin button in the lower right corner to start playing. The reels will. The reels stop spinning on their own after a while, though you can always stop them faster by clicking the same button again when it’s red. Alternatively, you can activate the autoplay function by clicking the autoplay button next to the spin button. This pops out a display with choices for a number of spins. Click on the number of spins you want and the game will automatically spin that many rounds by itself. You can stop this at any time by clicking either red stop button that appears. During autoplay, it is not possible to change the winning lines or bet size parameters.



Whenever you win, you will be offered the option to gamble with your winnings by guessing the color and suit of a card. If you make the right guess in color (red or black), you double your winnings. If you make the right guess in suit (clubs, diamonds, spades, hearts), you quadruple your winnings. You can guess up to 4 times, but if you guess wrong, you lose the winnings you entered with and leave this bonus game empty-handed.


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