Octane Overdrive

Race through the nightly streets of Velo City and discover its riches. Octane Overdrive’s graphics, sound and gameplay make you feel as if you’re really in the driver’s seat and really make the game stand out from other dice slots. Start your engines and remember, the faster you go, the more you win!


Getting started

The first thing you need to do when you get started, is to select how much you would like to bet per spin. By clicking the “bet” button you can set your stake per spin anywhere from €0.25 to €25. 

It is not necessary to choose the amount of winning lines you wish to bet on. Every bet on Octane Overdrive automatically counts for all five winning lines the game has to offer. The bet you select is always your total stake.


Gears and winnings

To win in Octane Overdrive, you simply need to have at least 3 identical symbols from left to right on any of the 5 winning lines. Octane Overdrive has 3 horizontal and 2 diagonal winning lines which can be viewed on page 4 of the game’s info file at any time. To reach the game’s info file, simply click “menu” and then click on “info”. 

Your winnings are always multiplied by the currently active gear. You start the game in first gear, but each time you win the next gear will be activated. If a certain spin nets no prizes, your currently active gear remains active. Your gear will only lower after a second consecutive spin without any winnings.

Example: four blue car symbols pay out 10 times your bet in first gear, 20 times in second gear, 30 times in third gear, 40 times in fourth gear, 50 times in fifth gear and 60 times in sixth gear!

When the sixth, highest gear is active, extra wild symbols will appear and the normal scatter symbol will be replaced by a more frequently appearing nitro scatter symbol which awards free games! More info can be found below.

Note that your current gear only counts for your current stake. Example: if you reach the fourth gear when playing at stakes of €1, then switch to another stake such as €5 or €0.25, you will go back to the first gear. If you then return to a stake of €1 at a later time, the fourth gear will automatically be active again.


Wild Symbols

The racing helmet symbol with the mention “wild” can replace any other symbol with the exception of the scatter symbol. It connects interrupted winning lines and extends existing winning lines to significantly increase your winnings.

Wild symbols appear in all reels except for the leftmost reel during most of the game. During the nitro games, activated by nitro symbols in sixth gear, wild symbols appear on every reel.


Scatter symbols and nitro games

Gearbox symbols are scatter symbols. This means they pay out even if they don’t form a winning line. They appear on the first, third and fifth reel.

When you reach the sixth gear, these normal scatter symbols are replaced by nitro scatter symbols which appear on ALL reels. These nitro symbols grant you nitro games, which are free bonus spins:

These free nitro games are all played in sixth gear, even when you have multiple consecutive spins without any winnings. When the nitro games finish, the game will still continue in sixth gear. You can win up to €25,000 during these bonus games!