Gold Reels

Catch another case of gold fever with Gold Reels, the exciting dice slot version of our gold star 24K! This dice slot is all about action: just click to spin, and win. With no less than three fixed jackpots, you could very well win huge!


How to play

Gold Reels is a dice slot game with 5 reels of 3 dice. To win, you need to have at least 3 identical symbols on a winning line. Every symbol has a different payout. To see what symbol pays out what, you can open the payout table through the button in the upper right, or by clicking “menu” and then “info”. Here you’ll also find the 10 winning lines listed. All these are fixed: you can’t select lines on which to play, and only the ones listed count. The winning lines always start from the leftmost reel and the identical symbols have to be connected directly on a winning line.


Before you start

Start by setting a bet size. You can toggle the bet size by clicking the “bet” button in the bar below the reels until you find your desired bet size. By default, the bet is set at €1,00, but the following bet sizes are also available:


Let’s play!

To start playing when you’ve chosen your bet size, simply click the “start” button. Doing so will spin the wheels for one round. You can also stop the wheels faster yourself by clicking “stop” after it replaces “start”. Alternatively, you can activate autoplay mode by clicking “auto play”. This will automatically spin the reels continuously. You can stop autoplay mode by clicking “stop auto play” when it replaces “auto play”. Clicking “stop” during autoplay mode only stops the wheels for that spin, afterwards autoplay will continue. Autoplay is automatically interrupted when you unlock the bonus wheel.


Wild, scatters, and mystery games

Black joker hat symbols are wild in Gold Reels. This means that they can substitute for any other symbol (except for scatters). This way, they can start, connect, or extend winning lines for higher payouts.

Golden 24K symbols are scatters: no matter where these occur, you win a bonus wheel round for every occurrence of 3 or more of them.


Bonus wheel, jackpots, and mystery games

Whenever you get 3 or more scatters, you win a bonus wheel round. Here, you can spin a wheel for a prize: between 3 and 100 times your wager, a number of mystery games, and any of the three jackpots. Just click the “spin” button in the middle of the wheel and wait for your prize.

Gold Reels has 3 jackpots that can be won on the bonus wheel: the minipot, the (regular) jackpot, and the grand jackpot. These jackpots are fixed and will always pay out the same, no matter your bet size. Your chances of winning these jackpots do go up slightly at higher stakes however. You can see the current value of each jackpot in the upper left corner of the game screen.

Mystery games, during which you win the maximum win of 100 times your stake for any winning line, can be won in two different ways. The first way is through getting 4 or more scatters, the second way is through the bonus wheel.