Roulette Master

Welcome to Roulette Master! Experience the action of a realistic roulette game decked out with all the options that make this game the most recognizable in casinos worldwide! Will you become the master?



Roulette Master has all the elements of the classic casino game. You put money on a selection, spin the wheel, and you win if the ball lands on your selection. The more exclusive your selection, the bigger your win. Single numbers pay out the most (35 to 1) and either/or options (odd/even, red/black, 1-18/19-36) pay out the least (1 to 1).


How to play

Roulette Master is very straightforward to play: you just select a stake and place it on the table. At the bottom to the right, you have the stake options, starting at €0.01. 5 stakes are displayed at a time, and clicking the right-facing arrow to the right of the fifth one (or by clicking the left-facing arrow to the left of the first one), you move through the stakes. The highest stake you can use is €1,000 (you can select up to €2,500, but this can’t be used as it exceeds the maximum stake).

To select a stake, you just click it in the bottom left bar. It is possible to use multiple stakes as you place them on the table. Furthermore, placing the same bet multiple times on the same place also increases the stake on that selection: click 5 times with a stake of €1 on the same place, and you’ll wager €5, and so on.

If you feel you’ve made a mistake, you can undo your last move with the “undo” button on the right side of the bottom bar. To clear your current selection, you can click the “clear” button. There is also a “double” button that doubles whatever selections you’ve made. When you’re satisfied with your stake and selection, simply click the “spin” button in the middle of the bottom bar to spin the wheel.

Be aware that different selections have a different minimum and maximum stakes. Single number bets can have bets between €0.01 and €250, but some other bets have a minimum bet of €1 and a maximum bet of €1,000. You can check the overview of payouts, minimum stakes, and maximum stakes at any time by hovering over the top right corner “min max” button, or by hovering over a selection.

To the left side, you’ll find a button that brings up the racetrack, where you can place bets on 5 adjacent numbers, red or black splits, voisins, orphelins and tiers. To the right, below “min max”, you have a button that displays the remaining special bets. In the top bar, you can follow you balance, your total stake, and your latest win.


Special features

Roulette Master offers players some helpful tools for analyzing the game’s flow and make more thought-out decisions. You can find these special features in the bar to the left:

- Below the “special” button is a button to toggle the heat map on or off. This will give you colour-coded overview of which number fell since you started playing.

- Below the “heat map” button is a button that shows the current session’s statistics in detail. There’s a history of up to 60 spins, statistics on how much each possible selection fell, and another visual representation of a heat map.

- Below the “stats” button is a button that visualizes which numbers are hot (meaning they’ve occurred more than others have)

- Below the “hot” button is a button that visualizes which number are cold (meaning they haven’t occurred as much as others have)