Oil Mania

Drill for the liquid gold and become rich as an oil tycoon in Oil Mania! This dice slot game boasts a truly interesting feature called upwild, where a reel fills with wilds over the course of 3 re-spins!



Oil Mania is a dice slot game with 5 reels that each have 3 dice. By spinning these reels, combinations of identical symbols can appear along set lines. You win if a winning combination occurs along a winning line. Different symbols have a different payout. You can check out the payout per symbol as well as the rules and the winning lines in the menu. There are up to 25 winning lines to play.

The menu is accessed through the cogwheel button in the top right corner, or by holding the left mouse button on the game screen. Besides the in-game help file, you can also adjust stake size, winning lines, and autoplay options, or mute the game’s sound through the menu.



When you start the game, the bet per line will be set to the default of €0.03, but you can change this in the menu to the following: €0.01, €0.02, €0.04, €0.05, €0.10, €0.20, €0.25, €0.50, €1, €2, €2.50, €5, €10. It is advised to pick a bet size that suits your playing style for the best experience.

You can also change the number of winning lines to play at. Default this is set to all 25 winning lines, and while you can lower the number of winning lines is possible, this is not advised as it diminishes your chances of winning.

Your total stake will always be made up as follows: your base stake times your number of winning lines. Playing 10 winning lines at base stake €0.25 is €2.50 per spin, 20 winning lines at €0.05 is €1, and so on.



Oil Tycoon has one very simple bonus feature. Whenever you get the oil tycoon bonus symbol, the Upwild feature will start. The reel where the bonus symbol appears on will start to fill with wilds during 3 free re-spins. As these wilds can substitute for any other symbol (except oil tycoons) you can get longer winning combinations this way.

The oil tycoon bonus symbol will only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. No wilds will appear outside this bonus feature. It’s possible to get another oil tycoon bonus symbol during Upwild: at this point the original Upwild reel will stop becoming wild, and the new Upwild reel will fill with wilds instead. You can technically get up to 9 free spins this way, effectively filling the 3 middle reels with wilds.