Dragon Drop

Dragon Drop is a colourful dice slot game where your luck can drop from the sky – literally! The little dragons are your servants for those big wins here. They will help at random by falling down to turn random symbols into wilds!



The game is made up of 5 reel with 3 dice each. There are 1 to 25 winning lines to play for. To win, you have to get combinations of identical symbols along the winning lines you have activated. All of these winning combinations can only start from the leftmost reel, and have to occur uninterrupted.

Wild symbols can take the place of any symbol that is missing from a combination. These symbols occur on reels 2, 3 or 4 when a dragon drops down the reel at random. In such a case, this dragon wild will connect or extend combinations along winning lines, which will give higher payouts.

In the game’s menu, you can find an overview of each symbol’s value and of the selectable winning lines.


Game controls

Dragon Drop has only two visible buttons: a start button in the middle to the right of the reels, and a menu button in the top right corner. The menu is also accessible by holding down the left mouse button in the game field until the menu options appear.

In the menu, you can mute the game’s sounds, set autoplay options, check the symbol payout info, game rules and winning lines scheme, and set a stake size and number of winning lines. Autoplay, winning lines and stake are all changed by clicking or dragging along a bar in their respective parts of the menu.

On the main game field, the play button spins the reels. It also doubles as a stop button if you have autoplay activated. On the left side of the play button is a shortcut to the stake settings that works in the same way as the bar you’ll find in the menu.



There are several things to keep in mind when setting a stake.

First, you need to check the number of winning lines. The default is 25 here, but you can change it to any number from 1 to 25 by dragging the point on the bar or by clicking anywhere on the bar. Note that while the total number of winning lines can be changed, you cannot choose which lines you play and which you don’t. For example: with 10 winning lines, you will play at the lines 1 through 10, but not 11 or higher. It is advised to always play at all 25 winning lines for the most enjoyable experience (more frequent winnings).

Second, you need to check the base stake value. The default is €0.03; this value can be anywhere from €0.01 up to €2.50 with the following options in between: €0.02, €0.03, €0.04, €0.05, €0.10, €0.20, €0.25, €0.50, €1, €2, €2.50.

Third, your total stake is always made up of the number of winning lines you’ve chosen and the base stake you’ve chosen. For example: playing at 20 winning lines with a base stake of €0.10 will take €2 per spin.


Wilds and scatters

Wilds are symbols that connect or extend winning lines by substituting for symbols that are missing from a combination. In Dragon Drop, these wilds occur only on reels 2, 3 and 4 when a dragon falls down a reel. Besides completing winning lines, they will also double your winnings for every inclusion in a winning combination.

Scattered egg symbols can appear on any of the five reels, and pay out for any occurrence of 2 or more of them, winning line or not. If you get 3 scatters, you will receive 8 free games at the stake you won them in. During these free games, any winnings will always be paid double. It’s possible to get another set of 8 free games by getting 3 scatters during the free rounds.