Spanish Eyes

In Spanish Eyes, you’re invited by a beautiful señorita to dance the flamenco. You can get lost in her eyes and find the treasure within. And there’s plenty of treasure, with two different bonus features, one with free games and one with a pick and win bonus!



Spanish Eyes is a dice slot game with 5 reels, 3 dice and 25 selectable paylines. To win, the reels have to land in a specific combination along one of the 25 lines you have active. Winning combinations can only start from the first reel, have to include at least 2 symbols, and have to consist of identical symbols.

All symbols have different payouts for their number of occurrences. You can see which symbol earns you how much in the help file available through the menu. In the menu, you can also mute the game’s sounds as well as change your stake, paylines and autospins. The menu is accessible by clicking the cog button in the upper right corner or by clicking left and holding the mouse button down.



When you first start the game, your stake will be €0.75: the default base stake of €0.03 will be wagered on each of the 25 paylines. You can adjust both of these to play at the total stake you prefer. To adjust these settings, you go to the menu and you click the row of coins. The first bar you see now deals with the number of winlines, the second bar deals with the base stake.

You can adjust both by dragging the point along them. Alternatively, clicking on the bar will place the point there. The total stake, the amount you will spend per spin, is a multiplication of the chosen base stake and the chosen number of paylines. While you can lower the number of paylines all the way to 1, this is not advised, as it limits your chances at winning.



When you’re ready to start playing the game, you can click the big play button, which will manually spin the reels once. Click them again to continue manually. For faster gameplay, you can choose to activate autoplay through the menu (play button with arrows around it). In the same way as the base stake and the number of paylines, you can adjust the number of automatically played spins. To stop automated spins, you can click the stop button that replaces the play button.


Wilds and Pick and Win feature

Wilds are symbols that can represent any symbol that’s missing in a combination (except for scatters), to make for longer and therefore more valuable combinations. They can occur on all reels and pay out their own value even if there’s just one of them anywhere in the field.

If you get a wild on reels 1 and 5 at the same time, you will go to the Pick and Win feature. Here, you’ll click a symbol of your choice. This will then reveal a prize, or a chance to pick again to you. This way you can win up to 100 times your stake.


Scatters and free games

Scatters are symbols that pay out for any occurrence of 2 or more. They pay out if they appear from left to right starting on the leftmost reel, but do not necessarily have to appear on the paylines you selected. If you get at least 3 scatters from left to right starting on the leftmost reel, you will receive 12 free games during which all prizes you receive are tripled. Scatters always pay out a prize based on your total bet size.