Wild West

Come join the folks in the saloon for a round of poker – even the horse is playing! In fun dice slot game Wild West, you’ll meet all the classic Western characters you can handle, and all the winning you’ve ever wanted…



Wild West is a dice slot with 5 reels of 3 dice. There are 10 fixed winning lines, and as your base wager is counted per winning line, playing at all 10 lines effectively multiplies this base wager by 10. Winning lines only count from left to right starting with the first (leftmost) reel. You win by getting certain combinations of symbols along these winning lines as you spin the reels. Different symbols have different payouts. Other symbols can help you make more valuable combinations or otherwise help you to a bigger win (more below).


Game controls

The game controls in Wild West can be accessed either by clicking the available buttons to the right side (from top to bottom: settings, Superbet, play). The settings can also be reached by holding down the left mouse button anywhere in the game field when the reels aren’t spinning.

In the setting, you can (from left to right) mute the game’s sound and music, adjust autoplay options, consult the in-game help file, and change the wager size.

Superbet is a special option that lets you multiply your winnings by 2 or 5, depending on the option you choose. Changing this to 2 or 5 also makes your wager 2 or 5 times bigger, respectively.

The game ifself is controlled by the start button in the lower right corner. Just click this button when you’re ready to play. When you activate autoplay sessions, the remaining number of automated spins will be shown on this button. To stop the wheels from spinning when in autoplay mode, click the same button again as it is now a stop button. Your automated spins will automatically stop the reels from spinning automatically once you’ve used them all.


Setting a wager

If you want you can start playing right away at the default total wager of €0.30 (€0.03 base wager times 10 lines). It is however advised to adjust the wager size in order to adjust the game to your style for the best experience. You can change your wager size in two ways:

Winning lines are fixed and cannot be changed: you will always play at all of the game’s 10 winning lines.


Wilds, scatters, and free spins

In Wild West, cowboy symbols are wild. These symbols can take the place of any other symbol: use these to extend or connect combinations along winning lines. Wilds only occur on reels 3, 4 and 5. Any win that includes a wild gives you 5 free spins. Wilds cannot replace scatters.

Scatters are presented as symbols with chip stacks. These scatters will only occur during free plays you can win. Scatters don’t need to occur along any winning lines: they’ll pay out your total wager wherever they occur during any free spins you won.

Free spins can always be retriggered when another wild pops up during a first set of free spins. In this case, the newest free spins will be automatically played after the current. You cannot change your wager size during free spins.