Experience a dice game distilled to its purest form! Strategic dice game Pure offers elegantly simple gameplay that speaks to both beginners and pros. And best of all: there’s 3 jackpots to win here!



Pure is a strategic dice game with 4 slots in which you can line up 3 dice columns per slot, with the goal of making horizontal or diagonal lines of identical symbols. Dice columns will always fill in to the left of the slot you send them to, and different symbols have different payouts. The strategic aspect can therefore be found in the fact that you can try to get bigger wins as you decide where to send which dice column. You win cash as soon as you gain 100 points or more. Click the wintable button in the upper right corner for an overview of the symbols and their values.



By default, the game starts with a stake of €1. You can lower the stake by clicking the “-“ to the left of the start button, and raise it by clicking the “+”. Stakes range from €0.25 to €50, and your winnings will always be reflected by your stake size. You can’t change your stake size after you’ve started a round, but you can change in between rounds (as long as you’re not autoplaying – see below).



To start playing at your chosen stake, just click any of the 4 slots to send the first column to it. A new column will appear, and it’s up to you to click the slot of your choice. You can always allow the game to send the column to the most suited destination by clicking the auto button in the lower right corner. This will cause the game to decide click by click what the best position for a dice column is.

You can take autoplay even further, and eliminate the need to click at all by going into the game’s menu through the bottom left menu button and selecting the fourth option, autoplay mode. During full autoplay mode, you cannot change your stake level.


Bonus wheels

Whenever you get 3 bonus wheel symbols on a horizontal or diagonal line, you’ll enter the Pure wheel bonus round. At this wheel of fortune, you’ll get 5 free spins and 100 points. You can land the wheel on extra points, extra spins, mystery games or jackpots. If you can get the mystery or jackpot options on this wheel, you will be taken to another wheel, respectively the mystery wheel and the jackpot wheel.

The mystery wheel will offer 1 to 5 mystery games, the jackpot wheel will offer the minipot, regular jackpot and grand jackpot. In mystery games, you will win the maximum prize for your stake level for any points total of 100 or more.


Extra points

Pure gives extra points for the following circumstances: a slot full of identical symbols (your points total + 200 points), winning lines in 3 slots (your points total times 1.5) and winning lines in all 4 slots (your points total times 2).