Aztek Gold Dice

Deep in the ruins of the Aztek temples are treasures beyond your imagination… Go and get them in adventurous strategic dice game Aztek Gold Dice!


The game

Aztek Gold Dice is a strategic dice game. The goal is to arrange vertical lines of dice in slots so that horizontal or diagonal lines of identical symbols appear. There are 4 slots to place the lines in, and lines always fill in to the left of the slots. You can create your own strategy by carefully deciding where to put which vertical dice line, as symbols have different payout values. You can see the symbols and their payouts above the slots.



In the bottom bar, you’ll find 3 buttons to the right side: STAKE, AUTO PLAY and START. Click STAKE to cycle through the stake options. By default the game starts at €0.25, but you can increase it by clicking the button. You can see your stake at any time in the bet field in the top bar.

There are 3 ways to start your game once you’ve settled on a stake. You can click one of the slots to send the first line there, you can click the START button to have the game send the line to the most appropriate location one click at a time, or you can activate automated turns by clicking AUTO PLAY and selecting one of the options. This number of turns will then be finished automatically.



If you manage to get a winning line of bonus symbols, you enter the bonus round. Here, you’ll find 2 bonus wheels left and right. Spin them both and the sum of the results (at the level of the PLUS) is the points total you win here. Apart from points, you can also win a number of mystery games. During mystery games, you’ll win no less than one hundred times your stake for any points total of at least 100.


Extra points

Winning lines in 3 slots multiplies your points total by 1.5. Winning lines in 4 slots multiplies your points total by 2. 9 identical symbols in 1 slot earns you 200 points extra.