Stunning Hot

Turn up the heat with dice slot game Stunning Hot! With gameplay elements straight from physical casinos, this game can melt the hearts of all players!



Stunning Hot is a dice slot game that exists of 5 reels with 3 dice each. You win by making combinations of at least 3 identical symbols that occur along any of the 5 set paylines. Only combinations that start from the first reel count (except for scatters, more below). The game features scatters, an autoplay function and a gamble function. You can win up to 1,000 times your wager on any stake (from €0.05 up to €50).


Set a stake

Be sure to check the stake you’re starting with: you may want to change this to better suit your playing style. By default, this is set to the lowest stake of €0.05 per spin, indicated in the bottom bar between “max bet” and “bet”. To change this, you can click the button to the right (“bet”) which will increase your stake. You can also change your stake by clicking or scrolling in the vertical bet bar to the right side of the reels.


Start to play

You can click the big green play button in the middle of the bottom bar to start playing. This will spin the reels once. To continue manually, just keep clicking this button. If you want faster gameplay, click the “auto play” button to the right of the play button. This will start an undetermined number of autospins that can be halted by clicking the same button again. No other manipulations are possible, and none will stop autoplay.



Scatters are valuable symbols, as they don’t need to occur along a payline to pay out. Any three of these will pay out, and they can occur on any reel, but only one scatter can appear per reel at the same time.



Every time you win, you will be offered the chance to gamble your winnings. You can decline by clicking the left part of the changed play button, or agree by clicking the right part. You will then be presented with a choice of colour for the next playing card to be shown. If you’re right, you’ll double the winnings of the spin you just finished. If not, you lose the winnings.