Stunning Hot 20 Deluxe

Stunning Hot 20 Deluxe

Stunning 27 is a dice slot game full of fast action: start spinning those reels and go for those bars, bells, crowns or sevens!


The game

Stunning 27 consists of 3 reels with 3 dice each. There are no specific paylines; instead, any combination of 3 identical symbols on the three reels (left to right) pays out. This gives 27 possible winning combinations, from which the game takes its name.

All 4 fruit symbols come stacked, meaning that they will always fill an entire reel, except when one of the 5 special symbols occurs on them. Special symbols can always occur on any reel. Your payout will depend on the symbol you get 3 of: for an overview, you can look in the game’s help file through the “i” symbol in the bottom left corner.



The default stake is €0.50, meaning that every spin will take €0.50 from your balance. You can increase and decrease this as you want either by cycling through the available options with the “bet” button, by setting the highest stake with the “max bet” button or by clicking or scrolling in the right side bar. All wins will always be the same multiplication of your stake.



To start playing at your preferred stake, you can click the green “Beefee” button in the middle of the bottom bar. This way, the reels will spin and stop to show a result. Afterwards you can click the same button again to continue. After every manual spin, you can change your stake if needed.

Alternatively, you can play autospins for a more streamlined experience. This way, the game will automatically spin for you indefinitely, until you click the same button again. For this, you click the “auto play” button to the right of the play button. Changing a stake is not possible during autoplay.


Multiplication bonus

As all fruit reels can occur stacked, it’s possible to get a game field filled with 9 identical fruit symbols. Should this occur, you will get the win for each combination multiplied by 3.



Stunning 27 has the popular gamble option, where you can wager your win on a right guess for the colour of a playing card. If you guess right, you double your win. If not, you lose the entire win. You can gamble your win up to 4 times for a total multiplication of 16 times your win. You can’t double your win beyond €20,000. When your next guess would take you over this amount, the game will automatically award you your current win and take you back to the main screen.