Wild Jack

Wild Jack is a quick-draw dice slot game in a Wild West theme. Get your finger on the trigger and start winning!



Wild Jack is a dice slot game. It consists of 3 reels of 3 dice each. Each dice can have one of 10 symbols that have certain values assigned to them. You win whenever at least one symbol appears on all 3 reels. There are no set winning lines: any of the 27 possible combinations will win. To see the different symbols and their respective values, click the “i” button in the lower left corner to open the game’s help file. You can then browse through its pages simply by clicking on “i” again.

Fruit symbols will always come stacked, meaning there will always be 3 of them on a reel except if there are special symbols on the reel. If you end up with 9 identical symbols, your win for those combinations will be tripled. Special (non-fruit) symbols can occur at any time on any reel. There are 6 special symbols, of which the cowboy (wild) and the wagon (scatter) are the most important. Wilds can substitute for any symbol that’s missing to make a full winning combination, and scatters give free games.


Before you start

When you start the game a first time, you will notice in the left bottom side that the base stake is set at €0.50. You can change this by clicking the button to the right of the current stake (“bet”), which increases the base stake. You can also click the “max bet” button to the left of the current stake, or scroll in the stake bar to the right of the reels and click on a stake there.

Base stakes range from €0.10 to €50. Be sure to cycle through all possible stake options to find one that suits your playing style. Winnings will always be the same factor of your base stake, regardless of that stake.


Let’s play!

To play, you simply click the big green “BF” button in the middle of the bottom bar. This will spin the reels once manually at the stake displayed. You can also activate automated spins by clicking the “auto start” button to the right of the “BF” button. This will start a series of automated spins that will go on until you click the same button again. During autospins, it is impossible to change the base stake. Gamble (see below) is still possible if you click the button before the next autospin starts.


Free Games

If you have 3 wagon symbols anywhere on the screen, you will receive 15 free spins. The wagon symbols don’t even need to form a line!



Every time you win, you can use the won amount to play a gamble game. The play button will change to two new buttons: “take” the left, which will simply give you your won amount, and “gamble” to the right, which will let you guess the colour of the next playing card to be shown. Guess right and your winnings get doubled, guess wrong and you lose the winnings you made. You can guess up to 4 times in total, but if you lose, the gamble game is over and you’re returned to the main game.