Mega Wheels is a simple yet effective strategic dice game, tricked out with plenty of ways to win big: 2 jackpots, a cashback wheel, bonus rounds, and multipliers.



Mega Wheels is a strategic dice game, in which you arrange vertical columns of 3 dice in 4 available slots. Each slot can hold 3 columns, and your turn lasts until all 4 slots are filled. How much you can win is determined by the diagonal or horizontal combinations of identical symbols you can make in any of the 4 boxes. Each symbol has a specific value, as shown in the top left part of the game screen. You win if you get at least 100 points. You can see the prize you win in this case in the top right part of the game screen.



When you first launch the game, the stake will be €1. You can change the stake if needed with the controls to the left (“-“) and the right (“+”) of the current stake in the bottom bar of the game screen. The following stakes are possible:


Bonus wheel

If you managed to get a winning line of bonus symbols, you get to spin at the bonus wheel. Here, you can spin for cash prizes linked to your stake, bonus points for guaranteed wins in the next game round, mystery games, or one of the two jackpots. After each spin you get to choose if you accept or refuse your prize. You can spin the wheel up to 5 times if you’re not satisfied with the previous prizes. The bonus ends as soon as you accept a prize. The wheel cannot land on prizes that you’ve refused during previous spins.


Mystery games & jackpots

Mystery games are games where any winning points total of 100 or more will pay out the prize for your stake as if you had 1,000 points. These mystery games can be won in the bonus wheel round, or on the cashback wheel.

Mega Wheels has 2 jackpots: the progressive jackpot, that increases as you play, and the extrapot that is fixed. Jackpots are stake tied, meaning that they follow your stake: the bigger your stake, the bigger the jackpot. This means that you have a chance for a nice payout of over 250 times your stake, regardless of how much you are wagering.


Cashback wheel

The cashback wheel makes sure that you will still win, even if you lose. It will spin as soon as you lose 30 spins. This cashback wheel is stake tied: if you play at different stakes, your stakes will all have their separate counters. The cashback wheel can award points for a guaranteed win or even mystery games.


Extra points

You can get extra points for getting winning combinations in all four slots (2x your points total), winning combinations in three slots (1.5x your points total), or five winning combinations in one slot, essentially filling a slot with identical symbols (200 points extra).