Infinity Dice

Infinity Dice delivers a gaming experience that goes on forever! The novel bonus round offers 2 instances of up to 6 mystery games and one chance for 15 mystery games!



Infinity Dice is a strategic dice game where you arrange 12 stacks of 3 dice in 4 slots per spin, with the goal of making winning horizontal or diagonal lines of identical symbols. The stacks will always fill in the slots on the left side first. Different symbols have different payouts (see the wintables in the upper left and upper right corners), and you win if the combination of points across all 4 slots is 100 or higher.



When you first launch the game, the stake is €1. By clicking the stake button in the bottom bar, you change the size of your stake. This buttons opens the stake menu: simply click the stake of your choice to start playing.

You can only change this in between turns: you will have to have all slots filled before you can change the stake. Stakes as low as €0.25 and as high as €50 are possible, meaning there is definitely a stake that suits your style of play.



To play, you can simply click any empty slot. This will send the first stack to the selected slot. You continue by clicking the slot of your choice again, until all slots are filled. Be sure to apply a good strategy in choosing which column goes where. You can see the next column to play in the top middle of the game screen.

You can use a strategy of pursuing relatively easy combinations of lower-scoring symbols, or take the riskier route of trying to get the high-scoring symbols or bonus symbol. The game itself will always indicate the most straightforward place to put a stack by flashing the symbols that could end up making a line.

If you want, you can activate autoplay to let the game choose where the symbols go. The game will then place the symbols in the most straightforward locations by itself as you watch the action unfold. This autoplay mode will continue indefinitely, unless you stop it manually by clicking the same button, or when you get the Winfinity bonus round.



If you manage to make a winning line of bonus infinity symbols, you make a trip to the Winfinity bonus round. Here you have a chance of the following prizes:

During mystery games, you get the maximum of 1,000 points and the corresponding prize for any points total of at least 100. To spin the wheel, click the button in the bottom right side. You can spin up to 5 times if you’re not immediately happy with your prize. Any prize you’ve refused will not be available for the next spin. If you settle on a prize after a spin at the wheel, you click “Accept” to claim it.



You get extra points for the following instances: