Molino Dice

‘Molino Dice’ does not drift from the successful strategic dice game concept, but has plenty of additional interesting elements and ways to win to make it a very refreshing game.


Click on ‘Bet’ to toggle your stake per game from €0.25 to €2.50 (see ‘bet' on top of the screen), then click ‘start’ to start the first game or ‘auto play’ to have the computer play for you.

The goal of the game is to form horizontal and diagonal lines of identical symbols, which score you points. Any score of 100 points or more will earn you anywhere from 2 to 100 times your bet. You can consult the paytable at the top right for the complete list of prizes.

You can place dice combinations in the different boxes by using the mouse or using the keyboard shortcuts. You can use the numbers 1 to 3 on your numpad or choose from multiple other options you can view by clicking the keyboard symbol above the “info” button.

Extra points

If you score points in two different boxes, your score will be multiplied by 1.5. If you score points in three different boxes, your score will be doubled. Finally, if you have a box with nine identical symbols you will score 200 extra points + five times the value of the symbol in the box (as nine identical symbols in one box form three horizontal and 2 diagonal winning lines)! These points can be multiplied further by scoring additional points in the other 2 boxes.

Molino Dice bonus games

Molino Dice offers two different bonus games, both related to the windmill (‘molino’ is Spanish for windmill) symbols.

  1. Having at least five molino symbols anywhere on the screen will give you free games. Not only do you not have to pay to play these games, the value of all symbols also doubles during these free games. You will receive at least 6 free games, but can also receive 9 free games (6 molino symbols) or 12 free games (7 molino symbols or more)

  2. Having a winning line of molino symbols will make a windmill with 4 wicks appear, each wick holding one spinning dice. Click the ‘stop’ button to stop the dice. Each die is worth a certain amount of points depending on the value, which is further multiplied if you have several identical dice. If you’re unhappy with your end score you can restart the bonus game by pressing ‘push’. Please note that you can only play each bonus game a maximum of 2 times.

Note: points from the bonus game can be multiplied by scoring points in other boxes, but the dice value is not doubled during the free games.