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Watching pre-recorded sports games doesn’t have the same sweet taste as watching a game live on television. The joy and fun of watching live sports comes from the fact that you are able to share emotions with millions of people at the same moment! To a certain extent, you actually become part the game too. This is why is proud to offer you the opportunity to bet and watch the action unfolds live!




Are you craving for the emotions and adrenaline of live sports? With more than 14,000 different live betting options available at any time of the day (and night), all year long, you can now be closer to the action than ever before!



  1. Go on our Sportsbook Landing Page
  2. Change the selector from pre-match to Live.
  3. You will then see all the live markets immediately available for in-play betting.


Most of the big sporting events are available for Live Betting. You can have a look at our Live Betting calendar here.


As soon as the game or the race starts, the market turns in-play. If you don’t have access to a broadcast channel to watch the game, don’t worry! Our sportsbook offers game information displayed on a scoreboard with current score and game stats updated in real time!

Sit back and relax your game whilst keeping an eye on your bets.
You can of course place in-play bets by checking all bets available underneath the scoreboard. 


To place a bet, the process remains unchanged: simply click on the odds of the bets you would like to place, insert your stakes on the bet slip which is located on the right hand side of the window, verify your bet and confirm it!





Live betting offers betting opportunities which are not present in pre-match games: being reactive to the changes of scenario during a game or a race for example can really increase your chances of winning. This means you should select games based on your knowledge and passion.

If you have spotted something such as players with beginning of cramps, stormy weather and threatening clouds, impatient supporters, etc. and would like to place a bet according to your read of the situation, that is the perfect opportunity to use live betting to your advantage!

The reason is simple: in live-betting, odds are dynamic and change based on the evolution of a game. For instance, if Team A scores the first goal during the game at the 30th minute, the odds of the game will change accordingly. 



Do you think that Team B has what it takes to make a comeback? Then you can now win a lot more money than at the start of the game. Did you know that A would win all along, but did you correctly expect them to have a slow first 15 minutes of the game? A bet on a victory by team A nets you a tidier sum when betting 15 minutes in-game than pre-match.

Another example would be betting on the amount of goals scored. The general consensus  says that an early goal will increase the chances of a goal heavy match, but if you know that the team in the lead will go on full defensive, you can bet against the stream and profit greatly… the options are limitless!



You can place different types of bets during the game based on how the game unfolds and therefore manage your bets and optimize your betting strategy. Improve your profits when things go well, but don’t be afraid to adjust your betting pattern to a changing situation when your initial prediction has gone sour!

Live Betting, anywhere

With our mobile betting offering, you can even follow and place bets on games when you’re on the move. If you like to pay attention on the stats and the subtle games, live betting is definitely for you and this unmatched experience is accessible wherever you are from the palm of your hand!



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