Terms & Conditions Loyalty System

Conditions of participation

1. The loyalty system is open to all clients of the A+ online casino aged 21 years and over, excluding: 

  • the players who have their residence outside of Belgium, due to the lack of possibility of some of our partners to deliver winnings in any other country then Belgium; 
  • the persons included in the EPIS list of players excluded from casino games and sports betting in Belgium are excluded from this loyalty system;
  • the players that did not opt to play A+ licensed games. Players can change this setting trough the following URL: https://www.goldenpalace.be/profile-en

2. Goldenpalace.be reserves the right to exclude a person from this system in the event of non-compliance with one or more of the conditions of these rules or in the event of fraud, abuse, fraudulent misrepresentation, or participation in bad faith.

Identification of the players

3. The identity of the players is defined based on the data provided by the players, i.e.: 

  • Name and surname; 
  • His/her date of birth;
  • His/her postal address;
  • His/her e-mail address; 
  • His/her telephone number; 

4. Goldenpalace.be cannot be held responsible if the identification of a player is impossible due to erroneous or incomplete data communicated by the player. The use of false data could lead to the exclusion of the players.

Responsibility of Golden Palace 

5. Neither Golden Palace, nor its staff, nor the partners involved in the loyalty system can be held responsible for any direct, indirect, material, immaterial or corporal damages that may result from the use of one of the prizes, won through this system.

In particular, and not exhaustively, Golden Palace shall not be held liable in any way for the following cases:

  • malevolent intervention within the framework of the loyalty system, 
  • fraudulent maneuver of a third party related to the loyalty system, 
  • failure to receive or destroy an entry, 
  • problems and malfunctions of operator platforms, software or hardware, 
  • technical problems of any kind or in case of communication problems, 
  • human or electrical errors, 
  • disruptions that may affect the smooth running of the loyalty system, 
  • cases of force majeure as defined by the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation and which may affect the smooth running of the loyalty system

Conditions related to the loyalty system and prizes

6.1. In order to participate to this loyalty system, players need to play at least €0.01 on any casino game on the website goldenpalace.be

6.2. Sports bet and virtual sports are excluded in this loyalty system.

7. This loyalty system starts on Monday January 4th, 2021 at 11.00 a.m. and has no preset end date as for now. 

8. Central European Time (CET) is used to determine the beginning and the end of each loyalty system period.

9.  Players can earn point towards this loyalty system, each time they play a casino game and close the game session when finished. 

10.1. RTP is the measure of how much a casino game mathematically pays back to its players for each unit wagered over time. It is expressed as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more the player can win over a longer period. So, if a game has a theoretical RTP of 96%, it statistically gives back €96 for every €100 players wager on it.

10.2. Players receive Golden Palace Points (GPP) for every eurocent they wager on a game. How much points a player earns depends on the Theoretical RTP of the game, as explained in 10.1. The conversion will be done as follows:

Theoretical RTP Player will receive 1 GPP by wagering

  • Less than 96% €25
  • Between 96% and 97% €30
  • Between 9% and 97,5% €35
  • Between 97,5% and 98% €45
  • Between 98% and 98,5% €55
  • Between 98,5% and 99% €80
  • Between 99% and 99,5% €135
  • More than 99,5% €200

11.1. Golden Palace will segment players in player levels, based on the GPP they earned each month from the first day of the month at 00:01 AM to the last day of the month at 11:59 PM.

11.2. Players will be segmented in levels based on how much GPP they have earned in the month before. The following requirements are needed per level:

GP received in month before Player Level

  • 0 GPP Member
  • 50 GPP Bronze 
  • 100 GPP Bronze Plus
  • 350 GPP Silver
  • 800 GPP Silver Plus
  • 1500 GPP Gold
  • 3000 GPP Gold Plus
  • 6000 GPP Platinum
  • 15000 GPP Diamond

11.3. Players can only descend 1 level each month.

11.4 Players convert their GPP to GP, based on the level they are in. The following multipliers will be used:

Player Level Multiplier GPP to GP

  • Member 1x
  • Bronze 2x
  • Bronze Plus 4x
  • Silver 6x
  • Silver Plus 8x
  • Gold 15x
  • Gold Plus 25x
  • Platinum 30x
  • Diamond 35x

12.1. Players can use the GP they have received in a loyalty shop trough the following link: https://www.goldenpalacecasino.be/vipshop

12.2. Golden Palace will show the prize of each product, expressed in GP

12.3. Using GP to buy something in the shop will not impact the reach of a level as explained in 11.1 to 11.3.

12.4. Golden Palace cannot be held responsible for the good functioning of this shop as this is outsourced to an external partner. 

13. In case that one of the prizes is out of stock or Goldenpalace.be suppliers are not able to deliver, goldenpalace.be has the right to deliver any other prize of the same value. 

14. The winnings may not be exchanged for other winnings or cash at the player's request. 

15. By participating in this loyalty system, players agree to receive loyalty systemal and informational messages about this loyalty system. This permission only applies to communication about this loyalty system and does not affect player’s other newsletter preferences.

Image Right Authorization 

16. Players agree to accept the publication of their usernames, without however claiming any compensation.

17. By entering this loyalty system, players agree to be kept informed of the results of this loyalty system via a newsletter sent by one of the Golden Palace companies.

Personal Data 

18.  Golden Palace will process the personal data submitted in connection with the loyalty system and referred to in Article 4 of these Rules, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

19. Players are informed that the company organizing the loyalty system, is responsible for processing the personal data referred to in Article 4 of these Rules, and therefore carries out automated processing of such data, in particular when connecting and registering players on the www.windandmore.be website. And on the website www.goldenpalace.be. 

20. Players authorize Golden Palace to collect personal data about them during their participation in the Game in a free and informed manner.

21. Subject to their express consent, the information collected on the players may be used by Golden Palace for marketing purposes, i.e. in order to regularly inform them of offers of new products and games available in the Golden Palace gaming rooms as well as on the website www.goldenpalace.be, of the organization of new loyalty system, as well as of the activities and services offered by Golden Palace. 

22. Players have a right of access and a right of rectification relating to such data, and where appropriate a right to refuse their use for direct marketing purposes. To this end, the players need only send a letter to the following postal address: 120 Avenue des Croix de Guerre - 1120 Brussels, enclosing a copy of his or her identity card. 

23. Golden Palace will take all reasonable precautions to keep the data communicated confidential. 

24. By confirming the sending of his or her personal data, the players acknowledges that the sending of such data is never without risk.

25. For further information, the privacy policy is available at https://www.goldenpalace.be/terms-of-use which informs how players can adjust their privacy settings.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

26. The Golden Palace terms of use and privacy policy apply to this loyalty system, and are available under this link: https://www.goldenpalace.be/terms-of-use.

27. By participating in this loyalty system, players declare to accept its terms and conditions. Any participation implies the unconditional, full and complete acceptance of the loyalty system mechanics, the rules and refulations and its possible amendments, and no dispute relating thereto will be taken into consideration.

28. In case of conflict between the different languages of this document, the English version is the one that is considered to be correct.

29. The present conditions may be changed, corrected or updated by Golden Palace from time to time. 

Modification of the loyalty system 

30. Goldenpalace.be reserves the right, in accordance with the partner companies, to modify the organization, suspend, shorten, extend, postpone, cancel or terminate the loyalty system at any time, without prior notice, without indication of reasons and without compensation to the players or third parties. An announcement will be posted on the www.goldenpalace.be  

31. In the event that Goldenpalace.be or one of its partners is forced to terminate the loyalty system prematurely, modify or terminate the loyalty system as a result of the inappropriate behavior of one of the players, Goldenpalace.be reserves the right to claim compensation for the damage suffered as a result. 

32. Goldenpalace.be may at any time exclude a person from participation in the loyalty system as a result of a breach of any of the conditions of participation or in the event of abuse, deception or perfidious participation in the loyalty system. Any attempt to defraud a person participating in the loyalty system may result in his/her participation being null and void. In addition, Goldenpalace.be may exclude any players who has provided erroneous data.  


33. In case of a legal dispute with goldenpalace.be regarding this loyalty system, regardless if this conflict was initiated by goldenpalace.be or not, this dispute can only be ruled on by French speaking courts of Brussels. 

34. However, players undertake, in the event of any discussion concerning the application or interpretation of the rules, to first seek an amicable solution with Golden Palace before initiating legal proceedings.