30K in a single day: OliVdV wins huge on Stunning 27 Dice


Little over a month ago, we announced our newest games provider Beefee, whose high quality dice slots immediately proved to be a much applauded addition, judging by the reaction of the players. A short week back, a second batch of Beefee games was released, again to great acclaim. But what happened next is truly – what’s in a word? – stunning…

Yes, Beefee game Stunning 27 Dice was the scene of a series of wins that must left player OliVdV screaming it out. It started out beautifully for our player, with a €4,500 win, but that was just the start. A short while later, a whopping win of €7,090 happened, followed by another €4,500. OliVdV’s luck wasn’t over yet: he made a final win of a truly stunning €14,150. That makes a total of €30,240, all won by a single player in a single day!

Feel inspired by these stunning wins? Maybe you’d like to try your luck on Stunning 27 Dice or any of the other latest Beefee games? If you’re new here and register now, we’ll give you a welcome bonus of €5 to try for free. Then there’s a bonus for making a first deposit: we’ll simply give 100% on top of your first deposit when using the code GP500, for a bonus of up to €500! What are you waiting for?


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