4 jackpot winners in 4 days!


We just reported on a fantastic jackpot win on Farmer’s Delight, and looking closer we’ve found that in the days following Ludo1976’s €11,990.38 win, another 3 players had also won jackpots. That makes 4 jackpots in as many days, and a total win of well over €16,000!

It was player OliVdV who had the first luck with a jackpot win on 24K Gold Reels. The dice slot game has 3 jackpots, and the minipot had grown to €2,354. It was at this point that OliVdV managed to reach the bonus games, where lucky for him, the wheel landed on the rather hefty minipot!

One day later, the same luck happened to player Max3333, this time on 24K Gold Reels’s strategic dice game sibling 24K. The minipot here had the tidy sum of €1,369, which flowed all into Max3333’s pockets, just like that.

Finally, player AlineRRR managed to win with €561 from the minipot on our recent addition Pure. Keen observers will know that it’s not the first time a jackpot falls on this strategic dice game! Surely, it won’t be the last time either…

Did you know that all these jackpots – minipot, regular jackpot and grand jackpot – can be won on any stake? You could potentially win your stake back up to 100,000 times, just as TomLowie did last month! Try it now for free with our €5 welcome bonus if you haven’t registered yet. Then make a deposit, and we’ll give you 100% of the amount you deposit as an added bonus thanks to bonus code GP500!

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