€50,000 to win in Golden December this year!

1 December 2021

It’s been our biggest promotion of the year many times in a row, but this year, we’ve really outdone ourselves. Surely, you’ll agree when you learn what a huge prize pool that we have reserved for you this year: €50,000! Even better, you can play both on a casino gaming leader board, and a sports betting leader board. Discover all about it now and start collecting those points for the first prize!

Golden December is back!

Golden December is our yearly end-of-year promotion, and traditionally, it has the biggest prize pools of them all. This year, the concept is simple, whether you’re a seasoned goldenpalace.be veteran or a new player looking to make some money. All you have to do is follow the daily missions to gather points. These points go on a leader board, and the player that tops this board at the end of December wins the biggest prize! There are 2 leader boards: one for casino gaming, and one for sports betting. You’re more than welcome to participate in both of them, of course. Are you ready for the challenge? Go for it!

€35,000 to win on casino gaming

31 days in December, that’s 31 chances to make points in this year’s edition of Golden December. Our casino gaming segment has all sorts of challenging missions in store for you. From your favourite slot games to exciting new live experiences and from familiar tournaments to novel game formats, you will always find a challenge to come out on top. Discover the challenges now and start playing for your part of €35,000. Can you finish the first day in first place on the leader board? Good luck, casino gaming fan!

€15,000 to win on sports betting

Like casino gaming, sports betting is also treated to 31 Golden December challenges this year. That’s one chance every day to get to the first place on the leader board. Your sports betting activities will ask your full range of sports knowledge and risk assessment, as we will not only ask you to visit the sports you know well already. This time, you might need to venture outside of your comfort zone if you want to get those valuable points! Take a look at what we have planned for you, and get ready for to race for points!

Daily prizes on top!

No luck gaining places in the leader boards? Don’t worry, we might still have a prize for you yet! Every day, the casino gaming segment and the sports betting segment will have additional prizes for you. For completing the casino gaming of any given day, you will be included in a raffle in which you can win €100 cash. The same goes for sports bettors, except here you get a chance for 2 tickets to see your favourite sports teams live. And even then, there might be a few surprises along the way…