5.000 euros Live Roulette promo final winners


Our 5,000 euros Live Roulette promo was a blazing success: over the 36 days from November 9 till December 15, hundreds of players chased the ball around the roulette wheel, hoping for it to land on the Lucky Number Of The Day.

After all numbers had been drawn, we came back with a final prize in this promotion: as promised, there was another 1550 euro to be divided! This extra prize was shared amongst those players who had the most Live Roulette bets in which the Lucky Number Of The Day appeared. These were the lucky winners and the prize they received:

Cassis73 won €1000
Nikos44 and FredGwen both won €200
Bart_89 won €100
endy315 won €50

Congratulations to our winners! We’d also like to put our daily raffle winners in the spotlight. The following players received €100 each:

Monday November 9th: Lucky Number 7 - winner HGW211
Tuesday November 10th: Lucky Number 26 – winner kvanders
Wednesday November 11th: Lucky Number 12 - winner endy315
Thursday November 12th: Lucky Number 17 - winner dixit_lover
Friday November 13th: Lucky Number 13 – winner jacquet
Saturday November 14th: Lucky Number 33 – winner dixit_lover
Sunday November 15th: Lucky Number 24 – winner Cassis73
Monday November 16th: Lucky Number 6 – winner rsxbrian
Tuesday November 17th: Lucky Number 1 – winner Inakim
Wednesday November 18th: Lucky Number 16 – winner FredGwen
Thursday November 19th: Lucky Number 9 – winner Cassis73
Friday November 20th: Lucky Number 20 – winner Bart_89
Saturday November 21st: Lucky Number 29 – winner endy315
Sunday November 22nd: Lucky Number 23 – winner FredGwen
Monday November 23rd: Lucky Number 14 – winner sparow3331
Tuesday November 24th: Lucky Number 25 – winner endy315
Wednesday November 25th: Lucky Number 30 – winner FredGwen
Thursday November 26th: Lucky Number 4 – winner Bart_89
Friday November 27th: Lucky Number 35 – winner Nikos44
Saturday November 28th: Lucky Number 36 – winner arteshan
Sunday November 29th: Lucky Number 21 – winner labosx
Monday November 30th: Lucky Number 15 – winner Pdiddy91
Tuesday December 1st: Lucky Number 27 – winner Cassis73
Wednesday December 2nd: Lucky Number 2 – winner carlitomomo
Thursday December 3rd: Lucky Number 10 – winner svein21
Friday December 4th: Lucky Number 8 – winner FredGwen
Saturday December 5th: Lucky Number 22 – winner Cassis73
Sunday December 6th: Lucky Number 19 – winner halionder92
Monday December 7th: Lucky Number 32 – winner Cassis73
Tuesday December 8th: Lucky Number 34 – winner fishou01
Wednesday December 9th: Lucky Number 3 – winner FredGwen
Thursday December 10th: Lucky Number 5 – winner charlotevelin
Friday December 11th: Lucky Number 28 – winner bigica
Saturday December 12th: Lucky Number 18 – winner zvvisser
Sunday December 13th: Lucky Number 11 – winner ddjy1501
Monday December 14th: Lucky Number 31 – winner FredGwen

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