Air Dice tournament: €5,000 to win

6 March 2023

Air Dice tournament: €5,000 to win | Strategic dice games | Mystery Deal | Infinity Dice | Spirit Sisters | Pure | Mega Wheels | Online casino |

Prepare yourself for a hunt for bonuses and 9-alikes in our Air Dice tournament, from March 6 till March 13. Only our best strategic dice games count in this exciting week-long tournament, so make your sessions count. With a good enough result for the leaderboard, you can win your part of €5,000. So, what do you have to do to participate? Read on and we’ll tell you all about it…

Air Dice tournament: €5,000 to win

Participation in our tournament is easy is just as easy as playing your favourite strategic dice games Mystery Deal, Infinity Dice, Spirit Sisters, Pure, and Mega Wheels. Every time that you trigger the bonus, and every time that you get a 9-alike, you’ll get 100 points for the leaderboard. Whoever is in the top spot when the tournament is over, gets the biggest part of the €5,000 prize pool. Good luck!