Always Play Legally

26 April 2021

Responsible gaming has always been and will continue to be one of the core values of Golden Palace. At as well as in our Golden Palace Casinos, your casino experience is more than just the ultimate casino entertainment outlet you have always expected of us.

As a proud 100% legal safe casino gaming provider, we are committed to ensure that your preferred entertainment outlet is always immediately in line with the regulations of the Belgian Gaming Commission. That’s why we fully support the Commission’s platform “Always Play Legally”.

Responsible gaming: Golden Palace’s tradition

Ever since we started operating our online platform in 2011, we have been running at the forefront of legal online gaming. To set an example, Golden Palace was the first online gaming platform to receive an official license for online gaming activities by the Belgian Gaming Commission. From this responsibility, it only makes sense for us to follow all of the Commission’s strict regulations.

Always Play Legally

Always Play Legally is the Belgian Gaming Commission’s latest awareness initiative. This information platform will put an emphasis on legal online gaming. Of course, this is second nature to us: we support every initiative that pushes for 100% legal and safe gaming. After all, that’s what you and all of our players deserve. That is why you will find the Always Play Legally logo incorporated into our platform.

Golden Palace Casino & Sport: 100% legal, 100% safe. Always Play Legally.

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