American Sports Weekend: what to bet on?


From today, November 18 till Tuesday, November 23, it’s American Sports Weekend at! We’ll be zooming in on basketball, ice hockey, football, American football, and mixed martial arts events in the USA this weekend. You’ll find everything that you need to win red white and blue right here in this article. There’s 20% extra profit in it for you!

The promotion

A special weekend deserves a special promotion, wouldn’t you say? The following days only, we will give 20% extra on top of your profit. Say that you bet €10 and that you win €20, then €10 is your profit (what you won minus what you wagered). In this promotion, 20% is automatically added, so that would become €12 profit. This 20% is only available on the American events mentioned below, don’t miss out!

Basketball: NBA

Arguably the biggest US sports league that’s also huge around the world: the NBA is the standard when it comes to basketball. The Eastern Conference has the Washington Wizards in the lead, while the Western Conference is led by the Golden State Warriors. Will this change in the upcoming days? Be sure to combine our American Sports Weekend promotion with our NBA betting tournament!

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Ice hockey: NHL

Where Europe rules in field hockey, the America leads the way in ice hockey. The NHL, which comprises both US and Canadian teams, is a tough-as-nails affair, attested by incidents that have little to do with sportsmanship. Florida leads the Eastern Conference, while Edmonton is ahead in the West. All that could change quickly, though, as plenty of teams are in a position to overtake…

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Football: MLS

Much like the NBA, the MLS is divided into an Eastern Conference and a Western Conference. In the East, New England is tearing through the league, with 71 points. In the West, Colorado takes the lead at 61 points. LA Galaxy, perhaps the most famous US football team and record MLS winner, is trailing behind at 48 points. As the league goes into play-offs, it’s high time to rack up some points!

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American Football: NFL

Judging by the growing international attention to the Super Bowl, the world is catching on too. With good cause! The NFL is the leading league for our football’s more physically intense cousin. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are defending the title, but there’s formidable opposition in the form of the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers. This weekend holds a lot of excitement in the NFL!

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MMA: UFC Fight Night

Uninformed observers might dismiss MMA as senseless fighting, but there is art in mixed martial arts. More technical than boxing as several styles of combat have to be effortlessly combined to win, MMA is a fascinating sport. The next UFC Fight Night takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend and has women’s bantamweights rivals Ketlen Vieira and Miesha Tate as the event headline.

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