Announcing the lucky winner of our €5,000 raffle: fishou01 takes home the tasty sum!


Our Euro 2016 promotions, with a total prize pool of over €50,000, was a huge success! Many participants took home juicy prizes, but one of them was able to take home €5,000 thanks to a shot of luck. Fishou01 won the full raffle prize: a tasty sum of €5.000!

For this raffle, we let our participants play for raffle tickets that could be won throughout the Euro 2016 promotions. A total of 8288 tickets were shared, and naturally, only one ticket proved to be winning and the winner takes all! Of course, there’s always luck involved in a raffle, but fishou01 dove head first into the challenge, collecting 68 tickets of a max of 115 per player, all in an effort to maximize his chances at the prize.

Among the ways he got his hands on tickets were simple enough hurdles, such as making one deposit (1 ticket) or placing a single bet on all but one Red Devil game (8 tickets). Our player also increased his chances in the raffle just by playing and betting on all but 5 of the promotion days (13 tokens). As you see: you didn’t specifically need to play big for a realistic chance at our raffle prize of €5,000!

Among the tougher hurdles fishou01 tackled, was ranking 24th on the Silver leaderboard. Here he missed out on the cash prizes for the top 20, but by finishing within the top 25, he still made the most of it (15 tickets). Moreover, he took on the hefty individual challenges with admirable enthusiasm, and managed to get the highest rewards in the first phase of the individual challenges, and the second highest reward in its later two phases (31 tickets in total).

Of course, the luck is all in the draw, and any single ticket could have been the winner. This time around, Lady Luck decided it was fishou01’s time to win. Congratulations, fishou01, and we hope you make the most of your prize!

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